May 16, 2017 BestCompaniesAZ

Progrexion Has a Special Formula for Giving Back: Stronger Communities = Better Workplaces

Progrexion, a leading provider of credit report repair services for consumers in the U.S., is celebrating an important year of growth and giving. Within the next few months, the company will reach the milestone of donating $1 million since launching its Charitable Giving Initiatives in 2012. In less than six years, Progrexion has not only raised more than $900,000 for local charities, but it is well on track to sail past its goal of reaching $1million in 2017 – months ahead of schedule.

Because Progrexion is focused on helping consumers improve their credit, it only follows that employees would want to extend a helping hand within their own communities, where they live and work. By actively engaging in community service projects, employees grow personally, gain leadership skills and become more connected to those around them.

Local communities are healthier when companies give back

Progrexion 5 Years of Giving

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The 1,500 individuals employed by Progrexion’s offices in Arizona, Utah, Idaho and Oklahoma contribute the bulk of their charitable giving through group activities organized by Progrexion, often on company time that is compensated. The “spirit of giving” is a fundamental part of Progrexion’s corporate culture; it is safe to state that employees grow their own careers while growing goodwill in the communities around them.

The Progrexion culture inspires employees to participate in giving programs held throughout the year. Progrexion attributes its success to employees who spend countless hours providing top-level service to consumers, and, outside of work, generously helping improve the lives of individuals and families in need of a helping hand.

Celeste Edmunds, Progrexion’s Director of Corporate Communications & Community Relations, states, “We believe our community giving program links our success as market leaders in the credit industry with the well-being of those in need by empowering employees, connecting individuals and creating results that are impactful and long lasting. In that regard, we continue to be an active and visible force for fundamentally bettering our world.”

Career Growth While Making a Difference

In the 17 years since it opened its doors, Progrexion has become an employer of choice and has won many awards and accolades for its care for employees. Most recently, Progrexion was named one of BestCompaniesAZ’s 2017 “100 Best Arizona Companies” and was additionally recognized in the “Best of Heart” category. This designation means that this select group of employers is honored for building relationships with employees, consumers and their communities, and are recognized by BestCompaniesAZ for showing how much they care.

By way of example, Progrexion employees contributed the following to their local communities last year:

  • Donated 319 units of blood to the American Red Cross, roughly benefiting 957 lives
  • Donated $89,194 and 7,387 pounds of food to local food banks
  • Mentored, educated and raised $56,650 for low-income children through Big Brothers Big Sisters local chapters
  • Dedicated 6,000 hours to pack more than 80,000 meal kits for Stop Hunger Now
  • Volunteered 998 hours, walked 199 miles and donated $5,415 to Relay for Life
  • Donated $85,015 to various charitable efforts such as The Road Home, Homeward Bound, the Salvation Army, No Bully and Primary Children’s Medical Center

Jeff Johnson, Progrexion CEO, sums it up by stating, “There is no doubt in our minds that community outreach and support has positively contributed to our growth as individuals, as professionals and as a company.”

Learn more about Progrexion’s culture, community outreach and career opportunities here.