Post-Grad Slump? Here Are 3 Tips to Help You Find a Job You Actually Like

Meet Mallory Schmidt – a communications major from the University of Arizona.

I chose communications as my academic focus because of my passion for communicating with others and building professional and personal relationships.

After graduating in December 2018, Mallory says that life was a bit more difficult than she anticipated.

Being from the Dallas-Fort Worth area and graduating a semester early, I didn’t have many personal connections in the Phoenix area.

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Thankfully, Mallory was able to network at the University of Arizona’s fall career fair and met a recruiter from Charles Schwab, who told Mallory about career opportunities at the company’s Phoenix offices. Through Handshake’s platform, she scheduled an on-campus interview with Charles Schwab and shortly after was offered a job.

The culture at Schwab is unparalleled! From the moment I stepped into the office on the first day, I felt welcomed and appreciated. I’ve been given the resources and tools to excel in my career. Schwab has proven they truly care about their employees.

Mallory attributes Handshake and Charles Schwab to her successful transition into post-grad life.

Schwab has provided a welcoming and amiable atmosphere that made the adjustment much more feasible. My advice for current college students who are on the job hunt is:

1. Utilize career finding apps and websites as much as possible.

Job websites are able to filter your interests, skills, and experiences to coincide with the best possible open positions.

2. Apply and interview for as many positions as possible.

Interviewing is a skills that develops with consecutive practice. Therefore, don’t get discourages if you don’t receive an offer for the first position you apply for.

3. Your degree does not determine your career.

A common misconception many college students carry is the idea that one’s primary academic focus is mandatory for specific careers paths. This notion was not accurate in my situation, as well as many other graduates. If you find yourself attracted to a specific career and belief your skills, apply!

The adjustment from being a college student to a full-time working adult is not a piece of cake. When searching for potential careers, it is important to make the culture of the company a critical facet to success and adaptability. Pay attention to the atmosphere and try to picture yourself as an employee of your potential employer.

My advice to companies who want to effectively recruit college students: Use Handshake! This career search platform helped me immensely with finding a position that incorporated my career interests with the skills and experiences that Schwab deemed as essential for success in this position.

Are you a college student searching for a dream career once you graduate? Take Mallory’s advice and utilize your school’s Handshake platform to its maximum capabilities.

While you’re at it, check out the career opportunities with Charles Schwab in Arizona. Perhaps you could be the next member of the #Schwamily! Explore their company culture and workplace awards today!

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