Office Organization Ideas to Make You Love Your Desk Again

Office Organization Ideas

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If you’re having a hard time focusing or completing tasks at work, your work environment may be to blame.

Even under strenuous deadlines, a cluttered and disorganized workspace can compete for your attention and distract from the task at hand.

In addition, the presence of clutter can cause unintended stress and anxiety—factors that can be easily avoided with an organized desk.

With a properly organized desk, you can find items with ease, remove distractions, and focus on what matters: your job.

So, if you’re overwhelmed by desktop clutter, take a breath a read these top office organization ideas and tips.

20+ Office Organization Ideas for Professionals

Desk Organization Ideas

Desk Organization Ideas

You spend eight hours each day sitting behind your desk. Learn how to organize your desk and make it an office oasis with these desk organization ideas.

Invest in under-the-desk drawers or filing cabinet. The most significant work deterrent is distractions. For this reason, it is in your best interest to clear your workspace of distractions with a filing cabinet under your desk. Store personal items, notes, snacks, and more away—out of sight, out of mind.

Arrange files in bins. If you need to store files on your desktop, use labeled file bins to organize your work. Create appropriate trays or bins for to-do tasks, notes, correspondence, and more.

Jot down ideas on a dry erase board. Ditch the sticky note clutter and hold a brainstorming session on a dry erase board. Sticky notes cause haphazard clutter and take up valuable space. Whereas, dry erase boards can be tucked away for use as needed.

Desktop charging ports. In the digital age, charging ports are in high demand. Keep a personal dock of charging ports and cords available for your phone, tablet, and more. Never take the walk of shame looking for a charging port again.

Use a coaster. The key to an organized desk is having a place for everything—even your coffee mug or water bottle. Create a designated space for your go-to items like a coaster to mark zones on your desk.

BONUS! Organize your computer desktop, too. Clearing your physical space can be a huge relief. Nonetheless, this same care should extend to your computer desktop too. So, if your desktop is littered with old files and pictures, take a moment to organize the space into accurately labeled digital folders for later use.

DIY Office Organization Ideas

Organizing your desk isn’t a competition to see who can create the best Pinterest-inspired workspace. A properly arranged desk should fulfill your greatest needs so that your work is more productive. So, if you are looking for fast organization hacks, take a look at these organizational tools that you likely already have around the office.

Label your cords. Is this your cord? Where does it plug into? There’s nothing worse than doing the cord shuffle seconds before your computer shuts down—deleting all of your work. Label your cords with decorative tape to quickly discern your cords.

Use binder clips to organize cables. On that note, organize your cables for easy access using binder clips. Simply clip the office accessory onto the end of your desk and place the labeled cord in the prongs.

Get creative with velcros strips. For items in constant use, like a hard drive, secure them to the underside of your desk using velcro strips. Items are always where you need them and don’t take up valuable space on your desk.

Hideaway purses and backpacks. If you are limited on space, consider attaching reusable Command hooks to either a wall or under your desk to store your personal items.

diy office organization

Use cardboard boxes to organize your drawers. Compartmentalize your office drawers using cardboard boxes to create sections for pens, sticky note pads, staplers, and more. Alternatively, you can use plastic bins to create mini compartments.

Organize pens in mason jars. Store your writing tools in mason jars on your desktop for a rustic-chic appearance. Fill the cup with faux flowers to disguise pens and highlighters as an elegant decoration.

Secure loose cables with electrical tape. If there is heavy foot traffic in your workplace, consider securing cables to the floor using electrical tape or traditional floor cord covers.

Wellness Tips for the Workplace

Workplace wellness is a prevalent topic in many businesses. There are many company benefits, like remote work, to support employees’ wellness. In addition, there are several office organization ideas and hacks to increase employee morale and health. Check out this list to get started.

Create a space to rejuvenate. Designate an area in your office to think and relax away from your desk. Often a change of scenery is all you need to spur insightful thinking and idea creation.

office organization hacks

Keep water on hand. Water has a wealth of benefits. Those who are adequately hydrated are more energized, less fatigued, snack less, and experience fewer headaches. So, drink up!

Stock the office with healthy snacks. For most, snacking during the workday is inevitable—especially if your employer is generous enough to provide delicious snacking items. However, rather bags of chips and sugary treats, stock your office with healthy snacks that will keep you energized. Tasty snacks like fresh fruit, veggies, and granola bars will ease the mid-afternoon munchies and keep you satiated.

Clean your work area often. Pen ink, coffee rings, and breakfast sandwich crumbs—desktop messes happen regularly, and you should be prepared to wipe away desk messes to maintain workspace cleanliness. In addition, if you work in an open-space office, your desk may be covered in more than your messes. Germs from a sneeze or cough can travel up to eight feet and fester under the appropriate condition. Keep a container of disinfectant wipes on hand to clean on demand.

Improve your desk ergonomics. Whether it is a pain in your shoulders or ache in your lower back, less than optimal seating can have a significant effect on your productivity and morale. Adjust your desk ergonomics to alleviate pain and instill proper spinal alignment. Likewise, consider investing in popular office aides—like a keyboard pad, lumbar support pillow, or seat cushion—to improve comfort.

Take a stand and ditch the seat. Are you team standing desk or sit-all-day? Sitting with poor posture for extended periods takes a tremendous toll on the knees, back, and neck. In addition, one may experience poor circulation, fatigue, and more. To counteract these effects, adjust your desk ergonomics, and try sitting and standing intermittently throughout the workday.

Limit email monitoring. The average office worker may receive as many as 120 emails per day! Between a multitude of emails and a constant stream of Slack messages, office communications can be stressful and distract you from your overall job. If your job allows, limit the number of times you check your email per day.

Take a walk. Abandon the board room meeting and schedule a walking meeting around the office. Walking during the workday can ease joint pain, boost immune function, increase blood circulation, and aid weight management.

Invest in an indoor desk plant. Brighten your desktop with a bit of greenery. New studies suggest that active interaction with indoor plants can reduce physiological and psychological stress. Snake plants and pothos plants are great low-maintenance, low light plant options for those who’ve yet to discover their green thumb.

Desktop organization has a profound impact on our everyday productivity and morale. Use these office organization ideas to create a welcoming workspace that inspires innovative thinking and growth.

Just like it’s important to realize when your workspace needs spruce, it’s even more important to know when to quit your job. A toxic or uninspired work environment can hamper professional growth and leave you feeling helpless.

If you determine that quitting your job is an appropriate decision for your situation, BestCompaniesAZ can help you find a supportive company with a multitude of resources, including job hunting tipsjob relocation, and more to help ease the transition between jobs. Check it out!

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