Moving to Phoenix Without a Job in 2020? 5 Steps to Take

moving to phoenix without a job

Moving to a new city is nerve-wracking enough, but throw in uncertain employment and it may sound like enough to stay where you are.

Yet, the good news is that the Phoenix job market is actually booming. In other words? You’ll have a slew of opportunities in a range of industries to choose from.

Because there are so many people relocating to Phoenix each year, there are plenty of resources to help guide you along the way. In fact, Phoenix was the country’s fastest growing city in 2018, largely due to a thriving job market and relatively comfortable cost of living.

So, if you’re moving to Phoenix without a job, then you’re in luck. Here are five great steps you can take to nail down that new job in your new home!

What to Do When Moving to Phoenix Without a Job?

Whether you just got fired from a job or are stepping into the workplace after a break, the steps to get a job are very similar. Take a look below at some wisdom to get going.

1. Locate the Best Companies in Your Area

Before starting a general internet search for a particular job position, do a little research into the companies in your area. If you still haven’t moved out to the desert yet, then you can do a wider search in Phoenix. By narrowing down the best places to work, you can identify some award-winning companies celebrated for more than just their brand name.

Here are some great companies to work at, depending on what you value most in the workplace:

2. Find Job Resources Near You and Online ℹ️

Now more than ever, there are tons of amazing resources online, such as the BestCompaniesAZ blog, to give advice and help. In addition, you’ll find events in Phoenix year-round that provide workshops, networking opportunities, and expert tips on job hunting in the Valley. Be sure to check out local job fairs in Phoenix to find events for veterans, diverse individuals, and more! If you’re moving to Phoenix without a job, then looking for help locally is a great place to start.


3. Start Sending Out Applications

Once you’ve found a few hot company contenders and have polished off your resume, you’re ready to start the application process!

However, before duplicating the same cover letter and tactics for every job, be careful to avoid some common job hunting mistakes. These include not optimizing your resume for artificial intelligence scanners or applying to the wrong positions, for example. Tailor each application to the position, and make sure to really show your enthusiasm each time!

4. Prepare for Your Interviews

Hooray, you’ve got a few interviews lined up! The next step is to prep yourself accordingly, and study all the interview guides that you can. A challenge unique to the desert for those moving to Phoenix without a job is navigating your first summer. In particular, you may have to get a bit more creative when it comes to choosing summer interview outfits.

5. Network, Network, Network

This step should ideally be followed throughout the entire job searching process. In other words, because you’ll be new to Phoenix and may not have a professional network set up, it’s important to capitalize on every opportunity you get. Whether you gather every business card from a career fair, reach out to recruiters about additional positions, or connect with industry peers at local meetups, what matters is establishing your network. Even if this is joining a bowling league, you never know what connections your team members may have!

You shouldn’t have to search far to find a company that suits your needs. Explore some of Arizona’s best companies to discover great work cultures, benefits, career development, and more!

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