Benefits of Moving From Wisconsin to Arizona

moving from wisconsin to arizona

Moving to a new state is a major decision that can bring countless new opportunities. Many professionals find themselves leaving Wisconsin and heading to the sunny land of Arizona. In the Grand Canyon State, they can enjoy a warmer climate and growing economy. There are many benefits of moving from Wisconsin to Arizona.

You’ll encounter health and economic benefits throughout the state. Arizona may be the perfect place to plant your roots. Read on to learn more about why so many people are moving from Wisconsin to Arizona.

Benefits of Moving From Wisconsin to Arizona

There’s no denying that Arizona is replete with economic opportunities for newcomers. In addition, Arizona features wondrous parks and natural rock formations unlike anywhere else in the world.

Cost of Living

A major reason professionals are moving from Wisconsin to Arizona is the cost of living. The Grand Canyon State has a competitive cost of living, but it varies in Arizona like any other state. Generally, higher populated and developed urban areas are more expensive. The more rural and less populated countryside is more affordable. The cities of Tucson and Mesa rate in the top ten most affordable cities in the United States as of 2020.

The bustling city of Phoenix offers competitive rental and home rates to newcomers. Cities like Scottsdale feature select properties that are perfect for those with an eye for luxury. Arizona’s sunny weather and affordable cost of living make an ideal haven for those starting fresh in the West.


Arizona’s climate is far warmer and sunnier than Wisconsin’s. Sunny weather results in sunny dispositions but also has health benefits you can derive from a warmer climate. An insightful study from the University of Toronto associated cold temperatures with health risks. The icy cold makes it harder to drive and exercise outside. It also reduces the quality of life for those suffering from winter weather blues.


Driving in Arizona’s cities is generally a more pleasant experience than elsewhere in the US. A 2017 traffic scorecard named Phoenix an area that enjoyed less traffic than 20 other major US cities. Transportation officials across Arizona remain focused on lessening traffic throughout the state.

Drivers can enjoy scenic views quite unlike anything else in the world. Unique vistas abound whether you’re driving by one of Arizona’s many parks or want to take in the majesty of the desert. Moving from Wisconsin to Arizona will provide you with a new perspective of our country.

Job Growth

According to the Census Bureau, Arizona was among the top ten fastest-growing states in the U.S. in 2020. The Grand Canyon State had the fourth fastest-growing economy in the country as of 2018 and continues to be a great hub of job growth.

The vibrant aerospace and defense industry has a sizable presence across Arizona — and guarantees high-paying jobs for well-educated workers. Business services, metal mining, and communication services are also thriving across Arizona. Many professionals moving from Wisconsin to Arizona know that economic opportunities are brighter in the West these days.

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