December 12, 2016 BestCompaniesAZ

A Millennial’s Perspective of Working at USAA: Jomelyn’s Story

I started working for USAA in my early twenties and have been here for nearly eight years. I essentially grew up during my career, and it has made me appreciate the different opportunities that USAA provides. I see myself working here for many years.

What I most appreciate about working here is the belief in the mission and commitment to core values. My career has provided me a fulfilling path of serving those who serve our country, while working in a safe environment that promotes honesty and integrity.

USAA is very effective in taking care of its employees and ensuring that they are happy and healthy. They provide many opportunities to help employees reach their career and educational goals. The benefits are simply amazing!

Another advantage I appreciate is that USAA invests in its employees by providing flexibility to have a better work/life balance. I have the ability to plan and take a vacation with my family every year, and now the chance to contribute to my community by having time off to volunteer. USAA understands that by taking care of its employees, the employees will take care of the members and provide an overall exceptional experience.

USSA Phoenix Office

The culture of USAA is unique. By walking the halls and interacting with other employees, it is hard not to appreciate the quality of the organization and the people who work here. Everyone truly understands and believes in the mission of the organization.

USAA Fitness Center

Coming from a military family myself, it is gratifying to know there are organizations that support and cherish the military and its lifestyle. Overall, USAA is a fantastic place to work, and anybody with a willingness to serve others can find a fulfilling career.

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