Here’s What it’s Actually Like Living in Scottsdale, AZ

What is it like living in Scottsdale, AZ? If you’re thinking of moving or finding a new job, this guide has the details you need before taking the big leap.
living in scottsdale az

Scottsdale, Arizona is one of the most popular places to live and work in the United States. With its warm weather, incredible golf courses, and luxurious resorts, it’s no wonder people are drawn to this oasis in the desert. But what is it really like living in Scottsdale, AZ?

In this blog post, we’ll explore everything from the cost of living to the job market in the city, so you can decide if it’s the right place for you.

Living in Scottsdale, AZ: 8 Things You Should Know Before Moving

There are many reasons why Scottsdale is high up on people’s lists of places to migrate to for the long term. But ​​is Scottsdale a good place to live? Like any other city, living in Scottsdale has its share of pros and cons. Here are 10 things you should know about this beautiful city before making that final decision.

1. Weather in Scottsdale

Scottsdale weather is pretty much always amazing. The area sees only about 100 days of rainfall per year and enjoys mostly sunshiny days all year round. Temperatures reach all the way up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months. Winters are mild, making this one of the best places to live if you don’t like shoveling snow or dealing with freezing-cold temperatures.

2. Lifestyle

The beauty of living in Scottsdale is that you get the perfect balance between big city life and peaceful desert coziness. Spend your Friday evenings enjoying a delicious dinner at one of the many famous restaurants downtown before heading out for drinks at a lively nightclub. For more laidback nights, grab some friends and watch movies on your rooftop or smell the desert breeze from your private cabana.

3. Job Opportunities

Scottsdale is a prosperous place. It is home to many high-paying jobs, including positions at companies like GoDaddy, Axon, and Blue Yonder (formerly JDA Software). The city has only a 2.1% unemployment rate. With only fewer people looking for a new job, those seeking work may have more opportunities to select from. An analysis of 182 U.S. cities by WalletHub also names Scottsdale among the top 10 to find a new, well-paying job without having to sacrifice quality of life.

4. Cost of Living

The cost of living in Scottsdale is 14% higher than the national average. This is for a variety of reasons, including the city’s rather expensive housing and entertainment costs. Although utility prices are 8% lower than the U.S. average, grocery prices are 5% higher, transportation expenses are higher by 2%, and healthcare is a little more pricey by 3%.

5. Education System

WalletHub lists Scottsdale among the top U.S. cities with strong school systems, based on factors like high school graduation rates and test scores of public schools. The Scottsdale Unified School District provides students with an education tailored for their future success. The area’s high quality of living also attracts students from other parts of Arizona and the rest of the world to attend school here.

6. Attractions

Living in Scottsdale, AZ means being within minutes of some of the most famous attractions in the country. There’s plenty to see and do in this city, including some famous sites like the Taliesin West contemporary architecture complex of Frank Lloyd Wright or the Pinnacle Peak Park. Other places of interest include the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, Old Town Scottsdale, and the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center.

7. Housing

The median value for homes in Scottsdale is $501,068, while rent averages at $1,570 per month. While that’s certainly expensive compared to many other cities across America, it’s also incredibly affordable compared to other major resort towns like Aspen, Colorado where houses cost $1.3 million on average! Scottsdale has a more expensive housing market compared to other Arizona cities. The median home price in Phoenix is $330,344, while Flagstaff logs $496,904.

8. Lifestyle

The city is incredibly walkable, meaning you can get just about anywhere you need to go without needing a car if you don’t want one. The city is safe, clean, and has a ton to do, especially for those who enjoy outdoor adventures. If not a fan of nature, living in Scottsdale means spending the majority of your time indoors when you’re not working. The nightlife is busy, but if you’re looking for a more lively community, think about visiting nearby cities, like Tempe or Phoenix.

Fun Facts About Living in Scottsdale, AZ

Learn more about life in Scottsdale, AZ with a few fun facts about this desert oasis!

  • Scottsdale is located only 15 miles away from the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.
  • The city has an estimated population of 248,000 people.
  • There are nine major high schools in the greater area alone.
  • ASU Polytechnic Campus is located about nine miles north of downtown Scottsdale.
  • The median household income is $132,835.
  • There are over 300 days of sunshine every year.
  • Scottsdale has the highest number of destination and luxury spas in the U.S.
  • Its slogan is “The West’s Most Western Town.”

So, with all that said, is Scottsdale a good place to live? Definitely! If you’re thinking of moving to Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tucson, or any awesome cities in Arizona, BestCompaniesAZ is here to help you get the right job that will support your transition. Check out our vast list of job opportunities at some of the best companies with offices in Arizona today.

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