Navigating Life Challenges Together

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"LifeGuides pairs someone in the midst of a Life Challenge to a Guide who has successfully overcome the identical life event, just like Match.com pairs people for love."

Will Bunker, Founder of Match.com

A Transformative Employee Emotional Well-Being Solution for Conscious Leaders

LifeGuides fills a massive hole in corporate well-being programs by proactively providing peer-to-peer support to employees going through daily stresses and big life challenges and preventing such challenges to turn into mental health issues and illness, causing loss of productivity, presenteeism, and absenteeism.

The heartbeat of our company revolves around trained Guides who are ready and available to give your employees the relief that they may not even know they need. Our Guides are people like your employees who’ve been in their shoes and have successfully overcome the challenges they’re going through. With this life experience, our Guides help your people navigate those stressful times to create a happier, more positive and peaceful existence.


Our resources cover a variety of topics around servant leadership, improved employee emotional well-being, purpose-driven company culture, people-first mindset, positive mindset, greater team productivity.


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