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LifeGuides Models Well-Being Business on Gig Economy

LifeGuides was created to fill what founder Mark Donohue recognized as a massive hole in corporate well-being programs by proactively providing peer-to-peer support for employees going through daily stresses and big life challenges, aiming to prevent those stresses turning into mental health issues and illness-causing loss of productivity, presenteeism, and absenteeism. “It offers a transformative employee emotional health and well-being solution for conscious leaders who care about supporting their employees and their families at and outside of work,” explains CEO Derek Lundsten.

What employees really want.

COVID-19 has put our world upside down. Organizations which never thought remote work could be possible now realize that employees are happier and more productive with flexibility and empowerment. Now is the time to press the reset button and be more employee-centric to really understand what employees want, what drives & motivates them. Check out Stephan Vincent‘s blog on what employees REALLY want.

Discussing Racism in the Workplace

The death of George Floyd has brought the fight against racism in America back to the forefront. But what is the best way to discuss this in our homes and workplaces?

Dealing with depression, well-being in the workplace

A recent CDC study estimates one-third of Americans have reported symptoms of anxiety and depression since late April. Researchers say months of living with the anxiety created by a pandemic combined with the unrest and protests over racial inequality are to blame.