December 6, 2019 Hannah

Let’s Agile Everything

Original blog post by Seity Insight, a BestCompaniesAZ Strategic Partner.

It seems like a predominant trend or buzz word is Agile – and we are applying it to everything; teams, organizations, workflow, leadership, culture, etc. What does it really mean to be agile anything?

The word ‘agile’ is defined as the ability to move quickly and easily. The agile methodology started in Technology to help improve software development turnaround time and customer satisfaction. Rather than wait till the end of the development cycle and then engage the customer/end user to get feedback, agile was developed to take check-ins with customers. These check-ins were in shorter timeframes and incremental as the software was developed so adjustments could be made along the way. This prevented delays and errors at the end and improved the acceptance from the user. There was a structured process to help the software developers follow the agile method. Some of that is used today for other applications of agile but in general, it refers to flexibility in the workplace in some form.

If we think of agile as it applies to everything else, then it is basically about being responsive, nimble, and adjusting to change. Even with the method and structure used in Technology, in all these applications, there are people involved. So, if you really want to be an agile leader, create an agile organization or team, there are people involved and other things that relate and/or help us create agility to all these different aspects to help the workplace. For example, if we want agile leadership then Emotional Intelligence (EQ) can help.

EQ develops self-awareness and develops the individual to manage oneself better and embrace relationship management. Individuals are part of teams, organizations, leadership, they contribute to creating the culture and manage their workflow. The attributes of EQ will help drive teamwork, enhance communication, and help leaders and organizations become effective while affecting the culture in a positive way.

It is good to think in terms of agility, especially in today’s work environment. Being agile and positively responding to change is one way to adapt quickly since change is constant. Personally, I think we are close to overusing the term by applying it to everything. However, if you are in some way, trying to be agile, keep in mind there is more to it than just saying you are or following a method. You need the right people (e.g. leaders) who can be agile to have it work in an effective way. You can provide training and development to enhance their competencies (e.g. EQ or other assessments) for them to gain awareness and skills to develop others, teams, the organization, or themselves so they can create an agile culture and be agile everything.

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