In a Toxic Job? How to Start Fresh in a Healthy Workspace

leaving a toxic work environment

out leaving a toxic work environment? Here’s how to find out if the grass is greener on the other side.

How to Leave a Toxic Job

Now that you’re considering leaving a toxic work environment, you need to prepare yourself for what comes next. Here’s how to exit your current situation without overplaying your hand.

Consider Your Options

Before you leave for good, assess whether the situation can be resolved without quitting your job. After all, losing your income may simply not be an option for many people trapped in toxic environments. Have you exhausted all available remedies? Have you spoken with HR, your manager, or other senior figures across the company who may be able to assist you?

A hostile workplace may even be repaired if a toxic member of the workforce is fired for cause. Document any harassment or toxicity you endure and provide evidence to superiors to see if you can hold toxic coworkers or supervisors accountable. Only after you’ve considered all your options, including staying on board, should you actually begin the process of leaving a toxic job.

Prepare to Leave

Once you’ve decided that your current workplace is so toxic that you cannot endure it any longer, it’s time to prepare to leave. This should be done carefully, especially if you have an abusive boss or manager who may attempt to sully your reputation as you seek work elsewhere. It also requires building a nest egg so that your personal wellbeing isn’t jeopardized by financial insecurity after you lose your income.

When you’re ready to look for a new job, make sure you complete your search on your own time. You should never conduct a job hunt on a company device that can be monitored by your superiors. If your toxic workplace gets word that you’re seeking work elsewhere, you may suffer the consequences. Remain discrete whenever possible when leaving a toxic job. That being said, you don’t necessarily have to shy away from discussing your previous troubles when interviewing for a new position.

As you begin to line up other jobs, try to save a sum of money that you may need if new employment isn’t immediately available. Healing after leaving a toxic job is always difficult, but without financial security, it’s almost impossible. Never tolerate abuse, but recognize that successfully exiting a toxic workplace may require careful planning ahead of time.

Resign Gracefully

When you’re prepared to leave your toxic work environment, make sure your resignation process goes as smoothly as possible. Angering coworkers, managers, or supervisors who were not part of the original toxicity that required you to leave could hurt you in the future. By resigning gracefully, you can ensure the potential to receive a recommendation from a superior that will prove invaluable as you embark on the job hunt.

Prepare a written resignation on your own time on a private device that cannot be accessed by coworkers or supervisors. There are many example templates you can rely upon when writing this letter, though you should try to make it unique and specific to your position whenever possible.

Try to provide a minimum of two week’s notice before you leave your position. This will give your employer adequate time to find, hire, and train a replacement. Make sure that your letter of resignation clearly establishes the final day you’ll be working.

Say Goodbye

When leaving a toxic work environment, it may be worthwhile to convey your thanks to any coworkers or superiors who had a positive influence on you. Perhaps they were a mentor or simply a shoulder to cry on during a particularly difficult week. Staying in touch with these positive individuals can hasten the process of healing after leaving a toxic job — who knows, you may even end up working with them again in the future!

If possible, try to help your replacement familiarize themselves with the responsibilities of the job. You have every right to leave a toxic workplace but should take steps to ensure the person replacing you doesn’t suffer from the same toxicity.

Next Steps

Now that your hostile workplace is in your rear-view mirror, you can begin to start seriously healing after leaving a toxic job.

Make a Plan

Do you intend to keep working in the same industry? Do you want to go back to school? Maybe you’re willing to move to a new city when you take on the next job? Establish a game plan early to ensure you don’t wallow around in pity the aftermath of leaving a toxic work environment. Get moving early on and apply to jobs regularly to ensure the best long-term outcomes.

Don’t forget to plan out your physical and mental wellbeing, either. Likewise, remember that financial planning is important, but personal planning is also critical to your wellbeing.

Find a New Job

Your top priority should be finding a new job at a healthy workplace with happy and kind employees. Moving across the country to take on a new job can seem intimidating, but many young professionals benefit from a willingness to travel. By broadening your horizons with BestCompaniesAZ, you’ll enjoy limitless professional opportunities in respectable conditions and in the company of kind coworkers who help you achieve your true potential.

Find a Mentor

Struggling to transition to a new workplace? Try finding a mentor who can guide you through this rocky period. Attending professional conferences, partaking in online industry discourse, and networking within your company can help you find a great mentor. They may prove indispensable during the job hunt or as you head back to school to receive a new qualification.

Tips for Recovering from a Toxic Job

It can be hard to let go of the past. When you begin healing after leaving a toxic job, remember that this is a lengthy process that will take time. Before you know it, you’ll be improving yourself inside of a new and safe work environment.

Revisit Accomplishments

A great way to bolster your morale is to revisit previous accomplishments. What did you manage to achieve despite the obstacles that were before you? Remembering what you’ve already done can motivate you to take additional action in the future.

Take Some Time Off

A vacation is a great way to recover after leaving a toxic job if you can afford to take some time off work. Sometimes you need space away from others to fully recover from a traumatic experience. Healing after leaving a toxic job will be easier if you’re relaxing on a beach or simply attending to your hobbies and interests at home with your friends and family around you.

Remain Optimistic

You’ll find a new job before you know it. Remaining optimistic about the future is an essential part of the recovery process. Leaving a toxic work environment may have given you some scars, but it’s also served as a reminder of what you’re worth. Keep attending to your career goals and long-term ambitions to ensure you bounce back from this as quickly as possible.

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