Job Seeker Tips to Prepare for a Career Event

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Every job seeker wants to find the perfect job, almost as much as each company wants to find the perfect candidate. At BestCompaniesAZ, our goal is to connect the BEST companies in Arizona with the BEST candidates.  We’ve done our research and have some valuable job seeker tips and tricks to help you prepare for a career event and land your dream job.

7 Job Seeker Tips to Prepare for Career Events

1. Know Your Strengths and Transferable Skills

What makes YOU unique? Resumes are great; however, you are so much more than experience on a piece of paper. When talking to recruiters and hiring companies, be confident in what makes you different and why your unique personality traits make you the perfect candidate for the job you’re seeking.

2. Research the Hiring Companies

When it comes to researching a company, research more than just their open positions. Interestingly, companies place a high value on hiring candidates that have a good culture fit. While technical skills and experience are still important, highlighting why the company culture would be the perfect fit for you can leave a lasting impression on recruiters. Where should you start? Check out our Best Employers in Arizona and research more about the employers that spark your attention.

3. Review the Career Openings in Advance and Build Your Resume

Knowing your skills and strengths as a job seeker is essential to finding a job where you will succeed. Once you identify them, search through company careers where your skills, abilities and interests will get the most fulfillment. If you find a potential career match when preparing for the career event, build your resume to highlight your skills and apply. The day of the career event print out a few copies of your interview and dress to impress. Excitingly, some companies may have onsite applications where you can search and apply for jobs while talking to the recruiters at the event.

4. Develop your “personal pitch” – Share your stories

With limited time at a career event you may only have a few minutes to “wow” the recruiter with your story. When employers ask about you, deliver a personal pitch that tells the employer in 30 – 60 seconds the following points:

  • Confidently tell them who you are
  • Highlight your skills and strengths
  • Explain how you would fit into the company culture

Review this article from The Muse for a 15 minute method on writing your unforgettable personal pitch as you prepare for the career event.

5. Manage Your Online Brand

As a job seeker, be aware of your online presence. Hiring companies are doing their research just like you are. Take the time to fully develop your LinkedIn profile, not only can hiring companies see your skills and past experience, you can also connect with people at the event. If you connect with recruiters at the event, personalize your request and send them a note about meeting them.

6. Expand Your Network – Talk to friends and family

We understand, award-winning companies receive thousands of resumes and it can get overwhelming waiting to hear back. Be proactive, make yourself notable by seeing if you have any connections within the company. A referred candidate often gets moved to the top of the list.

7. Prepare and Practice Your Career Tips

Practice your “personal pitch” to your family and friends. Create mock interview questions and review scenarios for each company you are interested in. Do more research, visit company websites and explore their cultures by watching videos, reviewing Facebook and LinkedIn.

We hope these job seeker tips help you with landing your dream career when you attend any Career Events throughout the year!

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