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IT support interview questions

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Working in tech and IT means spending your days leveraging, designing, or supporting the technology that runs our modern world. The industry is fast-paced, cutting-edge, and innovative, the perfect fit for anyone looking for an exciting, adventurous career. Employment in the tech and IT space is projected to grow 11% between 2019 and 2029, a rate that equates to adding more than 500,000 new jobs. For anyone interested in launching a career in tech or IT, the time is now.

Tech and IT employers look for enthusiastic candidates with the ability to learn and grasp technical concepts. IT support interview questions may also seek to unearth customer service skills. With a solid understanding of what the interviewer is searching for, job candidates can ace a tech support interview question and get started in this rewarding career path.

Top Tech & IT Support Interview Questions

Why are you interested in working in technical support?

With this question, the interviewer is looking to understand a candidate’s motivation and interest in the role. The ideal candidate will answer this question in a way that shows sincerity, enthusiasm for technical support, and an understanding of the importance of the work.

Sample Answer:
I want to work in technical support because it combines three things I love – technology, helping people and solving problems. I’ve always loved understanding how technology works and am motivated by the idea of using my technical know-how to help make someone’s life easier.

If someone has a problem, what would be your approach to troubleshooting the issue?

As one of GoDaddy’s core beliefs states, employees are customer-obsessed, meaning the work done at GoDaddy makes a huge impact on the success of entrepreneurs everywhere. This tech support interview question unveils a candidate’s ability to follow a logical troubleshooting process. The ideal candidate should describe a reliable method that calls upon technical knowledge, available resources, and customer service skills to solve the problem.

Sample Answer:
My approach to troubleshooting starts with gathering all of the facts. I use these facts to identify the most likely issue. Next, because time is of the essence, I would employ common quick fixes to fix the problem. If the quick fixes do not work, I will do additional research on finding a new solution. I would test these solutions to resolve the issue. Finally, I would test several times to ensure the problem has been solved.

Tell me about a time you went above and beyond to help a customer solve a problem.

This is one of the more customer service-oriented IT support interview questions. According to Glassdoor, Ring asks this question to see if the candidate can represent the company well and provide exceptional customer service.

Sample Answer:
I went above and beyond to help a customer resolve an issue she was having with her laptop. She needed to share an important presentation from her laptop in 30 minutes and was distraught because her computer would not turn on. I took her computer and immediately began working to find a solution. When I found the solution, I went to the conference room to personally set up her laptop and ensure everything would run smoothly for her presentation.

How do you handle having multiple tasks at a time?

Working in tech support sometimes means juggling multiple problems and tasks at the same time. With this tech support interview question, the hiring manager wants to know you can prioritize tasks and manage your time effectively. At Cable One/Sparklight, multitasking is a crucial skill when it comes to managing technical support.

Sample Answer:
To juggle multiple priorities in a tech support role, I rank each task by order of importance. I start working on the most important, time-sensitive problems first. From there, I move to smaller items. Throughout this process, I keep the necessary parties informed.

Why are you qualified for this job?

Tech and IT support play an integral role in a company’s success and day-to-day operations. Hiring managers at KUBRA want to know that job candidates have hard skills or transferable skills to succeed in this important role. When asked this tech support interview question, highlight your educational background, relevant certifications, customer service experience, and experience with technology to show yourself qualified.

Sample Answer:
I recently completed my CCENT certification and have an associate degree in information technology. I am also fluent in English and Spanish and have experience working with popular tech support tools, including Jira, Zendesk, and Asana.

Maximize Your Tech & IT Support Interview

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