August 30, 2016 BestCompaniesAZ

It’s Your Fault

If you can’t offer sincere praise to your employees, it’s your fault. You hired the wrong people, didn’t delegate effectively, didn’t give good feedback, or created a job that’s virtually impossible to do.

All of these things are fixable, but not by complaining that you don’t have good people. Management is a bitch – it’s probably the toughest part of your job. It’s also the most rewarding when you do it well, and you get to watch inspired people building your company’s success as a great company.

If you aren’t happy with your employees, spend some time learning how to:

  • Hire better. Learn the art of interviewing how to use assessment tools. This can increase your odds of hiring success from 50% to more than 80%.
  • Delegate effectively. Assigning tasks is not delegating. Assigning outcomes, creating a vision, and providing inspiration and assistance when needed is delegating.
  • Give useful, constructive, well-timed feedback. Not a yearly performance review, but specific information when it’s most helpful. Sometimes these conversations are uncomfortable, but do it anyway.
  • Create jobs that are do-able. Author Seth Godin defines a “Meatball Sundae” as the unfortunate result of combining two perfectly good ingredients that don’t go well together. If you’ve created a position that is a collection of leftover responsibilities, you may have a meatball sundae of a job that virtually no one will do well.

Okay, managers, I’ve been hard on you in this post, but we really want you to succeed. If you can’t offer praise it’s your fault, but when you can give genuine praise, you also share the credit – and the rewards that come from creating a great company.