Phoenix Job Market: Is Phoenix a Good Place to Find a Job?

Is Phoenix A Good Place To Find A Job

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So, you’re considering a career move — researching other companies, polishing the resume, drafting cover letters, revising your LinkedIn profile. But where should you look? One booming job market rests in the heart of the southwest — Phoenix, Arizona. However, you may ask yourself just how well is the Phoenix job market doing.

Keep reading for a thorough rundown of what relocation to Arizona has to offer in the way of careers.

So, Is Phoenix a Good Place to Find a Job?

Phoenix’s population rests at around 1.6 million (as of 2016), making it the 5th most populous in the country. Its population density is over 3,00 people per square mile, with the median age of the city at 32 years. In addition, from 2018 to 2019, the job growth rate in metro Phoenix grew 3.2%, adding tens of thousands of new jobs to the Phoenix job market.

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis of the U.S. Department of Commerce, Phoenix’s GDP was ranked 16th in the country, with a value that has only increased year over year. Moreover, Phoenix’s GDP finally exceeded the high it had achieved in 2008, prior to the recession.

The top 10 industries in Phoenix for job growth were, in descending order:

  • Health
    • Forecasted job growth 2016 to 2026: 121 percent
  • Technology
    • Forecasted job growth 2016 to 2026: 120 percent
  • Energy
    • Forecasted job growth 2016 to 2026: 115 percent
  • Construction
    • Forecasted job growth 2016 to 2026: 113 percent
  • Media
    • Forecasted job growth 2016 to 2026: 109 percent
  • Transportation
    • Forecasted job growth 2016 to 2026: 108 percent
  • Hospitality
    • Forecasted job growth 2016 to 2026: 108 percent
  • Finance
    • Forecasted job growth 2016 to 2026: 107 percent
  • Real estate
    • Forecasted job growth 2016 to 2026: 106 percent
  • Consumer retail
    • Forecasted job growth 2016 to 2026: 103 percent

As of 2018, there are also six Fortune 500 companies in Phoenix:

  • Avnet
  • Freeport-McMoRan
  • Insight Enterprises
  • Republic Services
  • Magellan Health
  • ON Semiconductor

Still asking yourself if Phoenix is a good place to find a job? If the numbers don’t speak for themselves, keep reading to discover some jobs in Phoenix at award-winning and veteran committed Arizona companies. Then, you can apply to some current positions at Arizona’s best companies.

Companies With Promising Career Paths In Phoenix: By Industry

Jobs opportunities are everywhere in Phoenix, but how do you know which ones to choose? Not every company is a great place to work, so it’s best to do your homework before shooting off resumes. Whether you’re looking for the best companies for LGBT employees or the top employers for work-life balance, we’ve got you covered! These top industries, for example, have some of the best companies to check out first.


Financial Services



So, is Phoenix a good place to find a job? Yes — and some of the most lucrative, rewarding careers may be a few clicks away on the BestCompaniesAZ list of top companies to work for! If you’re unfulfilled in your current career, then take a look at what some of the Best Companies in Arizona offer!

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