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“If You Were an Animal, What Would You Be” – How to Answer

Hiring managers often like to throw a curve ball to catch you off-guard and see how well you can answer candidly. You can’t be totally prepared for every interview question. However, it’s possible to have a better understanding of who you are and what you have to offer.

The next time an interviewer asks “if you were an animal, what would you be”, you can be completely prepared with an animal that suits your personality. Here are a few lovable animals that will reflect your characteristics in the best light!

10 Animals to Highlight Your Strengths

Even if you have a special love for sloths or llamas, you best be sure that the animal you choose mirrors your best traits. While cats are cute and cuddly, they also have fame for being fiercely independent and snoozing all day. Focus instead of some of these celebrated members of the animal kingdom!

1. Honey Bee 🐝

Honey bees are known for their productivity, team work, and dedication to their jobs. You can’t go wrong providing this tiny creature as an answer to “if you were an animal, what would you be”.

Key traits: Hardworking, team player, dedicated

Great jobs: Human resources, recruiting, customer service

2. Dolphin 🐬

These lovable marine mammals are joyful, creative animals that people instantly recognize as smart. They are fan-favorites and travel in groups, spending lots of time communicating and protecting each other. For the extroverted job candidate, dolphins are a great pick.

Key traits: Social, playful, great communicators

Great jobs: Sales representative, public relations, office manager

3. Hippo πŸ¦›

While not the most physically flattering, hippos have tons of characteristics that will bring out the best in your profile. For one, they can see and breathe, even while underwater. This great metaphor is a clever way to communicate that you can keep your cool, even in stressful situations.

Key traits: Adaptive, stable, hungry, loud

Great jobs: Food service, receptionist, law enforcement

4. Mouse 🐁

Mice live in virtually every corner of the world, speaking well to their ability to adapt to almost any environment. They strive almost anywhere and make the most of their resources.

Key traits: Adaptable, planning-oriented, self-reliant

Great jobs: Writer, event planner, project manager

5. Beaver πŸͺ“

Next up is the beaver, a popular option for candidates who want to highlight their love of construction and hardworking personalities. They don’t hibernate and work on their dams year-round, which is a great fun fact to highlight if you want to show off your dedication.

Key traits: Hardworking, builders, organized

Great jobs: Business development, software engineering, database management

Not sure what animal you are? This animal personality quiz is a great way to start to get you a quick answer.

6. Narwhal πŸ¦„πŸ‹

The narwhal has built a reputation in popular culture. However, we don’t really know much of it and it is rarely spotted in nature. Likewise, you may be full of surprises and have tons to offer. They also make some of the deepest dives in the ocean out of all marine mammals. In addition, the narwhal loves the cold, making it perfect for a frigid corporate office.

Key traits: Unique, mysterious, in-depth analyst

Great jobs: Data scientist, analyst, tech support

7. Octopus πŸ™

The cunning octopus is the prime answer to “if you were an animal, what would you be”, if you want to highlight your intelligence. Not only are octopuses some of the smartest animals, they also have tons of cool physical traits as well.

Key traits: Intelligent, perceptive, creative

Great jobs: Architect, web developer, consulting

8. Eagle πŸ¦…

In addition to being a prized national treasure, the majestic eagle is a great match for leaders, those applying to go into management, or more independent roles. They are confident and love exploring new terrains.

Key traits: Strong, independent, confident

Great jobs: Leadership roles, hand-on jobs

9. Hummingbird πŸ’¨

Spotting a hummingbird is a treat in itself, causing us to stare in wonder at their speed and agility. If you prize your ability to work fast and inspire others, then a hummingbird or even cheetah is the way to go.

Key traits: Fast, energetic, inspiring

Great jobs: News reporter, customer service, sales manager

10. Peacock 🦚

Because the peacock sometimes comes off as self-absorbed and superficial, you should be careful about how you spin this animal. It’s best to reserve this one for creative fields in which aesthetic skills are critical. If you have an eye for design and know what people want to see, then show it off!

Key traits: Appreciation of beauty, showy, attractive taste

Great jobs: Graphic designers, marketing, fashion

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