You'll play a part in Hyatt hospitality.

More than 50 years of hospitality expertise. Smart architecture and design. A great global sales team. Unique and award winning restaurant concepts. Plus, a thoughtful approach to growth that positions our hotels for success. These stand out among the reasons why owners and developers put their confidence in Hyatt. Yet above all, our core strength emerges from a philosophy of authentic hospitality delivered to each and every guest 24/7 around the world.

What our employees say

Meet Jerry

  • Jerry was on the opening crew for the Compass room before the Hyatt opened its doors and has worked only in the Compass Arizona Grill through her entire 39 ½ year Hyatt career.
  • Her guests are her favorite part of her job and she has generations of guests who have proposed, gotten married and brought their families back to see her
  • She thinks others would love to work for Hyatt because the company is loyal to its associates, the complimentary rooms, and benefits for servers which is not common in the service industry.
  • Jerry appreciates the open door policy.
  • The Hyatt worked with her so she could work, go to school and raise a family as a single mom.
  • “Work is a party where I get to get dressed, come in and make money!”

Jerry’s next stage in her Hyatt career will be retirement. She says it is hard to think about leaving…

hyatt jerry
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