Best Companies to Get HR Jobs in AZ

hr jobs in az
Human resources is the backbone of any company. In an HR role, you are responsible for supporting a company’s workforce, payroll duties and more. As HR roles continue to evolve, new and unique job opportunities have emerged. For example, roles like Employer Branding Specialists have arisen as a result of the strategic part that HR now plays. With companies looking to expand their strategic planning through HR, numerous HR jobs in AZ are now in high demand!

The human resource jobs in Arizona offer job seekers diverse career opportunities. Typically, an HR role will focus on a specific area within a company’s administration, like employee benefits or recruiting. Due to the wide range of HR roles and duties, job seekers can easily transition into these roles.

By and large, Arizona is a great place to explore your future in an HR position. Plus, Arizona is home to innovative and award-winning companies that are hiring for HR positions.

Check out these companies that are hiring for HR jobs in AZ and find your dream career today!

Best Companies to Get HR Jobs in AZ


Axon is a global leader in connected public safety technologies. With a company mission to protect life, Axon is passionate about creating innovative technology solutions. The Axon leadership firmly believes that the best way to consistently deliver on this mission is by supporting its workforce.

For employees at Axon, a good day is when an employee can go home feeling that they impacted public safety. To maintain this diverse and welcoming environment, Axon promotes diversity and inclusion through its Diversity & Inclusion Committee. This committee works together in promoting programming that nurtures a sense of openness and safety among employees.

Axon is currently hiring for HR jobs in AZ! These roles include Director of People Operations, Compensation Consultant and more.

Salt River Project

Salt River Project, or SRP, has a long and impactful history serving residents of Arizona. In a continued effort to recognize the role SRP has played in shaping Arizona, the company promotes community engagement. Some of the ways that SRP supports its community are through educational services, nonprofit grants and SRP volunteer services.

SRP leadership understands that the key to this community commitment is a diverse workforce. In a culture that encourages creativity and diverse perspectives, SRP employees understand the impact that their role makes.

SRP nurtures employee growth through accessible career development resources and tools. Employees are also provided with generous benefits, such as tuition assistance and wellness programs.

SRP is currently hiring for several positions, including a D&I Intern.

Stanley Black & Decker

Stanley Black & Decker is one of the top global industrial companies. Since 1843, Stanley Black & Decker has supported innovation with high-quality tools, products and solutions. The employees at Stanley Black & Decker celebrate diversity and share a purpose-driven passion for creating amazing tools and solutions.

At Stanley Black & Decker, supporting its diverse workforce is crucial to fulfilling the company’s purpose. To enhance diversity and inclusion for women, Stanley Black & Decker provides employees with female leaders, role models and mentors while also mitigating hiring biases. Stanley Black & Decker is active in these efforts by joining Paradigm for Party and providing support for the Equal Everywhere movement.

Stanley Black & Decker is currently hiring for HR jobs in AZ, including a DEI Talent Acquisition Specialist, Senior HR Specialist, HR Manager and more.

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