November 1, 2017 BestCompaniesAZ

How To Get Promoted: Top Success Tips

If you’re working hard and putting your best foot forward, you might be feeling like you’re deserving of and ready for a promotion. Keep working to your full potential, and continue reading to learn about the best ideas we have on how to get promoted.

How To Get Promoted: Tips For Success

Note Superiors’ Interests

Being perceptive and taking careful notes of what your boss or superiors like will behoove you in the long run. You should always be positive, supportive and engaged toward your superiors and their interests — both inside and outside of work. Make sure you’re maintaining good rapport with your boss and superiors and completing their requests in a timely, competent fashion. You’re much more likely to land that promotion if you promote a healthy rapport between you and your boss. Additionally, look into the mentorship roles between you and your boss. If you have a mentoring relationship with someone higher in the company, they can help spread the good word about you, and it also shows them you are always willing to work hard and learn.


It may seem a bit trivial, but confidence and practicing self-promotion encompass important facets of improving both your performance and general image at work. While you don’t want to appear boastful, if you have reaped major accomplishments or received important awards and distinctions, you want to ensure people know about them — especially the people doing the promoting. Practice the art of selling yourself and marketing your work as a reason why you deserve a promotion.

Focus on High Profile Projects

Want to make maximum impact in hopes of receiving a promotion? If so, then you should specifically request and focus on projects that demand a good deal of effort, creativity and time. You don’t want to jump on everything, as you’ll likely begin to spread yourself too thin. But you do want to continue putting in your best effort and ensuring your boss knows how capable and competent you are. Seek out the opportunities that are most profitable — and visible — for your company, and hop on those. If you feel overwhelmed, create an open dialogue about what you should prioritize. Then, you can allocate your time and resources accordingly.

Develop New Knowledge & Skills

Continuing education is a vital part of any job. When seeking a promotion, expanding your knowledge and skillsets in areas that are critical to your company is a surefire way to get noticed and appreciated. In order to stay competitive and marketable, especially as technology advances, you must innovate and maintain an ever-increasing skillset. Put in the work and time to enhance any current skills you may have. Also, take on projects or trainings to learn new ones. In doing so, you show your superiors how much you value your job and the company; thus, you’re worthy of more responsibility and pay.

Have you already tried these tips about how to get promoted, but to no avail? Or, have you found no real opportunities for a promotion at your current employer? If so, then it may be time to look elsewhere. Many award-winning employers have great career advancement opportunities. Take a look at some of the best companies in Arizona!