January 16, 2018 BestCompaniesAZ

How To Convince A Candidate To Join Your Team

So, you’ve completed the interview process, made an employment offer and are waiting for the candidate to accept. With everything on the table, is there anything you can do now when it comes to how to convince a candidate to join your team?

With the country’s low unemployment rate (4.1% as of October 2017 — and 4.5% specifically in Arizona), employers are currently gravitating toward hiring passive candidates. It’s important now more than ever to provide benefits, a winning culture and other perks to recruit new hires.

Wondering how to convince a candidate to join your team? Keep reading for actionable tips to use during your next hiring cycle.

How To Convince A Candidate To Join Your Team: Top Tips

What are the best ways to convince someone that they should make a significant life change and switch jobs? It essentially boils down to these tips:

  • Highlight the perks
  • Listen well
  • Be honest
  • Make connections
  • Follow up

Highlight The Perks

Does your company have employee resource groups, perhaps for LGBT team members or for military veterans? Does the company take part in fun events and outings, or take time to volunteer in the community, much like the Charles Schwab team does? Highlight what it is that makes your company a desirable place to work — from a focus on diversity to an emphasis on health in the workplace, like USAA. Perhaps you have a solid leadership development program, like Direct Energy, or amazing work-life benefits (like Vanguard does). A passive job seeker is looking for a fun, inclusive, meaningful place of employment — so showcase why yours is!


Candidates want to feel like they’re completely understood. Do you know what their career goals are? How does this role with your company stack up against their goals and motivations? If it doesn’t, seek to understand why not and see if there’s a different opportunity available at your organization. Finally, listen and understand whether the role is a career move for them, or a stepping stone. It doesn’t make sense to invest in someone if they are going to leave in the near future.

Be Honest

No one likes to hear a total sales pitch when considering taking the job. Give a candidate an accurate picture of your organization and the role. Remember: nobody is perfect, no company is perfect. Speak about the strengths and weaknesses of the organization to help the candidate decide. By sharing both the good and the bad, candidates will know exactly what they’re signing up for and won’t second-guess themselves.

That also goes for the candidates — allow them to be honest, too. What would change their mind and convince them to accept the job offer? Is the timing simply off for them to make this major career change? Is it the day-to-day work itself that didn’t appeal to the applicant? Did something go wrong in the interview process that turned the candidate off? Be receptive and respectful — never pushy.

Make Connections

It’s one thing for a candidate to hear something from one hiring manager or interviewer, and it’s entirely different to hear it from someone on the team they’ll potentially be working with. Connect the job candidate with a current employee — ideally on the team they’d be working on — so candidates can ask more specific questions about the company, team and role.

And, by connecting the candidate with a team member, you’ll gain additional feedback about the candidate from that current employee. This additional insight can be very valuable when it comes to how to convince a candidate to join your team.

If it’s a really excellent candidate — one you don’t want to categorize as “the one that got away” — take them out to lunch to go over the offer again (and to talk up the role and company) and show the candidate you would love to have them on board.

Follow Up

Follow up and stay in touch with the candidate. If the time isn’t right now, keeping in touch will show that you care about them as a person and not see them as just another position to fill.

If you’re still figuring out what exactly it is that draws employees to work at your company, take a page from the Best Employers in Arizona and explore what elements of these great cultures you can incorporate into your own business model.

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