April 18, 2016 BestCompaniesAZ

How to Become One of the Top 50 Businesses in the US

By Lee Vikre

How would you like for your company to be in the top 50 of 6,000,000 businesses in the US? Three Arizona companies enjoy that honor.

Three Arizona small businesses were recently named in  The Great Place to Work® Rankings:The Best Small & Medium Workplaces presented by Entrepreneur®.  Congratulations to #8 McMurry, a content marketing firm that has placed in the top 10 nationally for seven years; #12 Heinfield, Meech & Co., a Tucson based five time winner; and #15 Infusionsoft, an internet services company that has won many local awards before making its debut on the national list.

What’s so special about these organizations? Quite a lot, actually. The best practices from these three companies could give us enough to write about for the rest of the year. Like McMurry’s personalized logos and 64 benefits, or Infusionsoft’s unique workspace that includes massage chairs and a smoothie machine. It’s not all about wowing employees with glitzy facilities and benefits, though.

These companies have enjoyed business success from building such strong work cultures. Said McMurry CEO Chris McMurry, “We’re often asked how a company becomes a great place to work. The answer is not an easy one, but it begins with hiring truly exceptional, like-minded people interested in an unrelenting commitment to mutual fulfillment. That’s where it starts. Where it ends is in business growth, which may surprise some who confuse being a great place with being altruistic. Our staff and company both seek growth, personally and corporately.”

Does this sound like what you want? Any company can be a nationally recognized great organization, with the right commitment and focus. I strongly recommend that all companies aspiring to greatness apply for The Great Place to Work® Rankings: The Best Small & Medium Workplaces presented by Entrepreneur®. Registrations for 2012 are now open. Even if you don’t make the list the first time you apply, you’ll gain lots of valuable data and insight that will help you build your business.

At BestCompaniesAZ, we’d love to help you reach out for national recognition in 2012. We’ve been there and we know how to do it. You’ll need to get on it immediately – the time to plan is right now.