February 24, 2020 BestCompaniesAZ

Learning How to Be Happy at Work

According to a survey in 2019, 85% of U.S. workers shared that they are happy with their jobs. Overall, this survey looked at five elements that make up an employee’s happiness: pay, opportunities, contribution, autonomy, and meaningfulness.

While this survey did show that most employees feel happy at work, there are still elements that employees feel negatively about, such as low pay. In the end, Jon Cohen, SurveyMonkey’s chief research officer, concluded that there is a lot that contributes to an employee’s happiness at work.

So, if an employee’s happiness has many elements that make it up, how can you improve your happiness at work?

To learn more about how to be happy at work, check out what we’ve compiled below.

How to Be Happy at Work: Elements to Consider When Improving Work Happiness

Prioritize Work-Life Balance

First and foremost, one of the best ways to start feeling happier at work is by establishing work-life balance.

The lack of work-life balance leads to increased levels of stress, unhappiness, and absenteeism.

How can you tell your work-life balance isn’t as balanced as it should be? Start by asking yourself how much time you have to yourself outside of work.

Do you often take work home because it needs to be done, even though the workday is over? Or, do you have time to do the things that make you happy in the time outside of work?

On average, data shows that many employees find it difficult to disconnect from technology after the workday is over. In fact, over 40% of people have been noted to continue using their computers as late as 10 pm.

Working longer hours is often identified as the cause of many worker’s burnouts. Finding a way to leave work at work, and not adding more stress to your obligations outside of work can help. Not only will you feel calmer due to the decreased stress, but you will also feel happier in the long run.

Get Involved in Your Professional Development

Many employees who find themselves looking for new jobs often share that lack of career growth is the reason they’ve left a job.

Professional development is a unique perk that allows employees to grow into new employment opportunities. Nonetheless, without these opportunities, employees may feel stagnant or stuck in their position, leading to unhappiness. On the flip side, employees may have professional development opportunities available but are too busy to participate.

Depending on your situation, there are different ways to make professional development a priority in your workplace. If development programs aren’t available seek outside resources, shadow coworkers, or hold employee-led workshops. Or, if you find that you feel you don’t have the time for these programs, talk to a supervisor to find proactive solutions.

Find a Career You Love at One of Arizona’s Best Companies

If your job doesn’t make you happy, you may still be reluctant to move jobs. As previously mentioned, employees can feel happy at work even though they’re unhappy with certain aspects.

However, for some employees, the best solution to their unhappiness at work is finding a career that fits them better.

Let’s say your issue is regarding the lack of career development opportunities at your current job. When you consider applying to a new job, you are more likely to look for a company that clearly offers job opportunities to current employees.

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