January 18, 2016 BestCompaniesAZ

How the Excitement and Camaraderie of Military Life Can Be Found in the Corporate World

A Military Transition Success Story from Vixxo

Story provided by Matt W., US Coastguard Cutterman Lieutenant (ret), Director of Operations at Vixxo.

I graduated from the Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT in 2002 and spent the next ten years as a cutterman in the U.S. Coast Guard, six of which were at sea along both coasts of U.S., the Caribbean and the Alaskan inside passage. I also served in a Command and Control Center in Boston and as an Admissions Officer back at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.

When looking to settle down for more family life stability, I came across a position at Vixxo as an Operations Manager in their Hartford, CT office. Instead of dispatching helicopters, ships and boats to handle law enforcement and search and rescue I found myself in charge of dispatching service providers to handle urgent and routine maintenance issues. The similarities were readily apparent and my leadership, multitasking ability and analytical judgement honed in the Coast Guard quickly became extremely valuable skills in this challenging environment. I was able to easily draw parallels from the maintenance and management of all the systems I managed onboard ships at sea to doing so for our robust array of clients at Vixxo.

I was concerned, as I considered transitioning out of the military, that I would be trading excitement and camaraderie for a boring desk job that wouldn’t hold my attention. It turned out my fears were never realized as I have found Vixxo to be an exhilarating work environment with a dynamic and skilled community of experienced associates.

What makes Vixxo a smart choice for a transitioning veteran is that we have former military members in all levels of our organization from our President and CEO, on down to our entry level positions. This means military skills and talent are highly valued in all levels of the company and since we have been growing at an impressive rate, opportunities for advancement abound.

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