7 High Paying Customer Service Jobs (And Where to Find Them)

high paying customer service jobs

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Customer service roles are an important part of every thriving business in any industry. There are plenty of job opportunities in the customer service field that pay more than you might think. We are going to highlight some of the best-paying customer service jobs to help you find what you are looking for in a new role.

If you are a great communicator and love working with customers, these roles are the perfect opportunity to let your skills shine. Read on to learn more about the best-paying customer service jobs and how to get hired.

7 High-Paying Customer Service Jobs

Let’s take a look at seven high-paying customer service jobs that might be the right fit for you. We include the average salary for each and open positions hiring right now.

*Average salary amounts are taken from Indeed.com

1. Bank Teller

A bank teller helps customers complete financial transactions in a bank or credit union setting. This role is responsible for greeting customers, processing deposits and withdrawals, cashing checks, taking money orders, and making transfers. To be successful in this job you must know how to handle and count cash, file deposit slips, manage ATMs, and balance numbers.

Average Salary: $32,318 per year

Companies Hiring:

2. Account Coordinator

An account coordinator is a high-paying customer service job that works for places such as marketing agencies or public relations firms. Account coordinators prepare and file contracts, update internal databases, communicate with clients, coordinate meetings, and compile account reports.

Average Salary: $42,174 per year

Companies Hiring:

3. Concierge

A concierge works in a hotel or resort setting, usually at the front desk. This role’s responsibilities include welcoming guests, checking guests in and out of rooms, confirming reservations, answering questions, providing entertainment and dining suggestions, and more. Essentially, a concierge is a guest’s point of contact during their stay at the hotel or resort.

Average Salary: $39,627 per year 

4. Call Center Representative

Call center representatives take inbound calls and make outbound calls to customers for a contact center or telemarketing company. They provide solutions to customer issues, answer questions, suggest products, and determine customer needs. Typically call center representatives are required to follow scripts to ensure quality standards are met.

Average Salary: $30,638 per year 

Companies Hiring:

5. Help Desk Analyst

A help desk analyst is a high-paying customer service job for IT professionals. Help desk analysts assist customers or internal employees in resolving hardware and software issues. Their job may be conducted via email, phone, in person, or live chat. These professionals also may run software updates and ensure security measures are working properly.

Average Salary: $43,593 per year

Companies Hiring:

6. Client Services Manager

A client services manager is responsible for relaying information between clients and the customer service team. This role works to ensure clients are satisfied with their services, fields complaints, answers questions, and may manage a team of client service representatives. This is one of the best-paying customer service jobs out there!

Average Salary: $54,593 per year

Companies Hiring:

7. Receptionist

A receptionist typically works at the front desk of a business and is responsible for greeting customers, answering phone calls, making appointments, documenting complaints, and performing administrative duties. Receptionists may check visitors in and out, provide visitor badges, and more.

Average Salary: $41,183 per year

Companies Hiring:

How To Land a Customer Service Job

See one of these best-paying customer service jobs that interests you? How do you land a job in this industry? Here are a few helpful tips for how to land a customer service job.

Practice and Show Off Your Soft Skills

Soft skills are a huge part of most customer service roles. Usually, you won’t need too many technical skills (depending on the role). Having empathy, strong communication skills, professionalism, and organizational skills will help you succeed in a customer service job.

Prepare for the Interview

It’s vital that you are prepared for the interview when the time comes. We have customer service interview resources available for you to prepare for the big day. Dress professionally, come in with a great attitude, and be prepared to answer questions about your problem-solving abilities.

Research Your Potential Employer

Along with preparing for your interview, you should spend some time researching the company you are interviewing with. This will help show the employer how interested you are in the position and can give you ideas for questions to ask the interviewer.

Find Your Next Role With BestCompaniesAZ

Now that you know some of the best high-paying customer service jobs, it’s time to start applying! BestCompaniesAZ is here to help you land one of the best jobs in Arizona. We provide helpful job search resources, and even moving guides for people making the big move to Arizona.

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