Why We're Admired

Arizona's 2019 Most Admired Companies

Leadership Excellence

  • HAC is invested in the success of its team members and believes in developing and promoting leaders internally. To help facilitate an employee’s ascent within the company, HAC established the Career Mobility Program. There are two levels of Career Mobility: Line Level to Supervisor and Supervisor to Manager. Employees who meet eligibility requirements apply and once accepted, the program takes several weeks of in person meetings and outside assignments. Participants learn valuable skills and how to be a successful leader. Of the 70 employees who have completed both programs, 30 have been promoted, yielding a 42.86% promotion rate in the program’s first few years.
  • In 2018, our management team and above contributed a total of 2,670 hours of community service. That is 12% of our total number of hours from just 29 employees (3% of our employees on property). Our managers are committed to leading by example and showing their team members how important it is to be involved and give back to the community.

Workplace Culture

  • Developing a unique workplace culture that fosters HAC’s Mission: “We Inspire Grown-ups to Play” and promotes high levels of employee engagement is a top priority. To achieve this culture, we create opportunities for employees to have fun at work and we recognize and celebrate accomplishments. Fun activities (“PlayDays”) that take place throughout the year include: Casinolympics, Costume Contests, Crazy Sock Day, Spirit Week, Jersey Days, Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts and dog adoptions on property, just to name a few! Team member “Surprise and Delight” days occur frequently and include being greeted with a popsicle or slushy when you come to work, homemade salsa tasting, Easter Egg prizes, fun “bling” to wear on holidays, donut day, etc.!

Corporate and Social Responsibility

  • In 2018, HAC’s 900+ employees donated more than 22,000 hours of volunteer time with 72% participation by team members. Volunteer efforts at the property are led by the HERO committee, a group of employee volunteers who meet monthly to spearhead volunteer activities, monetary giving and in-kind donations. The number of hours donated by associates has increased year-over-year. Associates are encouraged to donate time and money to causes that are important to them. Team members track the number of hours they spend volunteering and HAC collects that data. Many of these volunteer opportunities are organized by the HERO team, but a lot of our team members volunteer on an individual basis and submit those hours too.
  • Over 175 unique organizations have been impacted by HERO volunteers. Some notable accomplishments: 21,090 bottles of water donated to the Phoenix Rescue Mission, raising $65,000 for the United Way of Pinal County and coming in second place in CE “Campaign for the Cause” competition resulting in an $8k donation to the American Cancer Society.
  • CodeGreen is HAC’s commitment to be more sustainable and protect the environment. In 2018, CodeGreen recycle and waste prevention yielded great results. In total HAC recycled 2,508,266 lbs of materials. HAC earned #2 honors in the 2017 CE CodeGreen Challenge and #1 in the 2018 Challenge which takes place every year in April. Some of the employee events include shred events, clothing donations, electronics recycling, highway cleanup, Earth Hour, meatless specials in the employee dining room and much more. HAC also recycles soap from our hotel rooms for Clean the World, an organization that takes hotel toiletries, sanitizes them and delivers them to people in need of hygiene products in third world countries.


  • One of our innovative processes at HAC is the interview process for our front of house employees. We have a strong culture and we ask our employees to be upbeat and positive, to greet everyone that comes through our doors, and to treat guests like friends. In order to make sure an employee is going to be a good fit for our culture (and vice versa) we ask candidates to come in for a panel interview. In a panel interview, we invite multiple candidates to come interview at once in front of three panelists made up of HR professionals and supervisors/managers. Each part of the panel interview gives them a glimpse of what our expectations are as well as letting them judge if this is an environment they can succeed in.