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Habitat for Humanity Top BUILDER 100 List for Private U.S. Home Builders

Peoria, AZ. (5/25/16) –  BUILDER  magazine  has  ranked  Habitat  for  Humanity  as  the  No.   1  private  home  builder  on  BUILDER  100,  its  annual  listing  of the largest  U.S.  home   builders.  This  is  the  second  year  in  a  row  Habitat’s  work  across  the  country  has  been   recognized  as  a  top  builder  of  affordable housing  in  the  U.S. Each  year,  BUILDER  compiles  data  from  U.S.  builders  and  ranks  them  by  the  number  of   closings  for  BUILDER  100.  With  3,237 closings  in  2015,  Habitat  topped  the  private  home   builder  list  and  placed  No.  16  on  the  comprehensive  list.

President  and  CEO,  Jason  Barlow  stated, “Habitat’s  owes  its  success  to  its  amazing   volunteers  and  sponsors  who  so  generously  give  of  their  time  and treasure.  We  are   delighted  in  being  able to  add  to  this  distinction  with  homes  built  right  here  in  the   Valley  with  Arizona  families.”     Habitat  for Humanity  Central  Arizona  is  one  of  nearly 1,400 Habitat  organizations  in   the  U.S.  and  has  worked  in  Maricopa  County  for  more  than  30  years,  helping families   achieve  the  strength,  stability  and self-­‐‑reliance  they  need  to  build  a  better  future  for   themselves  through  decent  and  affordable  housing.

In  fiscal  year  2015,  243  individuals   partnered with  Habitat  for  Humanity  Central  Arizona  to  build  or  improve  places  they   can  call  home.

“We  are  honored  to  be  recognized  as  the  top  private home builder  on  this  year’s   BUILDER  100,”  said  Jonathan  Reckford,  CEO  of  Habitat  for  Humanity International.   “This  is  a  wonderful  achievement  for  us  and it  could  not  have  been  accomplished   without  the  support  of  our  donors  and  volunteers,  who help  us  empower  families   through  shelter  in  every community  we  work  in  throughout  the  U.S.”

About Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona  
Habitat  for  Humanity  Central  Arizona  is  a  local  nonprofit  organization  that  partners   with  families  in  need  of  decent,  affordable  housing  to  build strength,  stability  and  self-­‐‑ reliance  through  shelter.  This  faith-­‐‑based  organization  builds  affordable  housing,   improves  communities  and  revitalizes  neighborhoods  and  has  been  serving Central   Arizona  since  1985.    This  affiliate  of  Habitat  for  Humanity  International  is  one  of  the   most  active  and  is  consistently  listed  in  the  top  ten  among  the  nearly  1,400  Habitat for Humanity  affiliates  in  the  United  States.  Habitat  has  completed  more  than  1,100  homes   in  the  metro  Phoenix  area.

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