March 22, 2017 BestCompaniesAZ

Group Interview Questions Typically Asked

Preparing for an interview can be stressful. Knowing ahead of time you’re going to be interviewed by a group panel may either add to or take away from your stress. Try to relax, and keep reading to learn about common group interview questions, so you can prepare specifically for a group interview and make sure you rock it. Group interviews typically assess your problem-solving, interpersonal, and team-playing skills, so you can expect some questions like the ones below.

Whether you’re sharing the floor with other interviewees, or simply being asked group interview questions by more than two interviewers, we have some preparation tips for you.

Group Interview Questions To Expect

What is your personal contribution to your team’s success?

Here, you want to highlight your planning, organizing, and problem-solving skills. You can talk about how you’re big on teamwork but definitely have unique or individual strengths. How does bringing these strengths into a team dynamic relate to organizational success? These differ from person to person. Identify whatever they are for you before your interview, so you don’t have to think too much on the spot.  

What do you think makes a team successful?

Again, you’re likely in this group setting so they can assess how well you work as part of a team. While there are obviously a variety of factors that make a team successful, and likely differ in companies and industries, you can still contribute solid and general answers about a team’s success. Capitalize on productive team communication, the importance of a team overcoming obstacles, and the positive encouragement and support of one another that should take place in any team setting. Regardless of the company or field, these are healthy team dynamics that should exist everywhere. Discussing their importance in your group interview is prudent.

How would your other team members describe you?

Think about the positive, uplifting things people with whom you’ve worked would have to say about you. You can refer to tangible observations and remarks made by team members on your behalf. Try to incorporate the most conclusive adjectives or buzz words that come to mind. Would they say you bring compassion, energy, drive and expertise? Recall these to the best of your ability so you have an anecdote or quote to offer during the interview.

How would you describe yourself?

Don’t rattle off business experience or skills that the interviewer can clearly read on your resume. Rather, emphasize key aspects of your personality and work ethic that specifically fit into the position for which you’re interviewing. Emphasize the way you as an individual are a unique asset to the company and a perfect fit for the position. This shows your interviewers you are business-oriented and dedicated to putting your best foot forward as it pertains to the job at hand.

What about this position interests you most?

You’ve probably heavily researched the position for which you are interviewing. Hopefully, this question should be easy for you to answer; you simply need to articulate anything about the position and company that appeals to you most. Discuss things you know well about the position, and why these things excite you. This is a common interview question, regardless of the group setting. However, they may ask you this, so it never hurts to come prepared.

To wrap up with a general tip, remember to make eye contact with each person on the panel. Also, don’t pay too much or too little attention to any one of them. Get excited about your group interview instead of nervous. The company has a legitimate interest in you and what you have to offer, so as long as you can articulate these assets confidently and efficiently, you should be all set.

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