How to Expertly Quit Your Job (Even Without Another Lined Up)

should i quit my job

Not every company culture is going to fit your professional needs, and that’s okay! However, when you encounter a work environment that doesn’t match your expectations, it may lead you to wonder, “Should I quit my job?” Or better yet, “Should I quit my job without another lined up?”

More and more, we’re seeing professionals share this same thought. Let’s take a look at why this question is popping up more frequently amongst professionals and the routes you can take to rectify the issue.

The Great Resignation

A recent Microsoft study found that over 40% of the workforce is considering leaving their current positions. This tremendous movement threatening businesses is known as “The Great Resignation.”

Many of these employees are choosing to leave their jobs for one specific reason — the workplace environment.

In fact, 61% of leaders are content with the level of productivity being produced by their employees, but what they aren’t seeing is the burnout buried beneath this productivity. In reality, 37% of the workforce has reported that their employers are actually asking too much of them, causing employees to struggle.

This disconnect between employers and employees is leading to a major shift in the workplace. If you find yourself falling into the 40% in search of a new work experience, we’ve got a few tips to prepare you for this transition.

Quitting Your Job

Before you join The Great Resignation and quit your job, there are a few questions to ask yourself and considerations you should take into account. These include:

  • Meeting with your boss. It’s possible that there is an internal resolution to the problem that’s leading you to this decision. Have an open and honest conversation with your boss about how you’re feeling and see if you can’t brainstorm solutions that would make you stay.
  • Understanding your financial situation. Are you in a financially stable situation? Will you still be able to make rent or mortgage payments if you leave your current job without a backup plan?
  • Considering the benefits. Do you need the medical/dental/vision coverage your current employer offers? Will you manage without this coverage until you find a new position?
  • Preparing for the job search. Quitting your current job likely means you’ll be making your way back into the world of job searching. Have you updated your resume? Do you know what kind of role or company you’ll be looking for next? Take some time to consider what you truly want to do in your next role and research positions that match your goals.
  • Avoiding burning bridges. If you’re set on leaving your current role, end things amicably. Leave projects ready for your successor to smoothly transition into this role and express appreciation for all you’ve learned in your current role.

When you’re ready to ask yourself, “Should I quit my job?”, these considerations and more are vital to making the final decision. Once you’ve left your role behind, it’s time to find a better position with a work environment that better matches your professional needs. Read on to learn more about how to re-enter the job market and find the right role for you.

Finding a New Job

Re-entering the job market can be an intimidating yet rewarding feat. It may even have you questioning whether you should quit your job. With so many companies always looking for new talent, it can be challenging to know where to start your search.

Should you choose a job board and filter through the available positions? Should you reach out to hiring managers and ask if they have any openings that match your skill set? We’ve compiled a few recommendations for finding the right job with an exceptional work environment.

Make a List

The first step is to determine what type of company culture and position will make you happy at work. Whether this means switching to a new industry or moving into the role you always dreamed of, you have control over the types of jobs you choose to apply to. Make a list of the requirements you’d prefer in a workplace and use this list to find your next job.

Touch Up Your Resume

Chances are you haven’t touched your resume since beginning your previous role. That’s completely normal, but now it’s time to pull out that outdated document and give it a refresh. Include your most recent work experience and highlight the skills you’ve learned since your last job search. You’ve got the experience, show it off!

Utilize Online Resources

The next step on our list is utilizing online resources. We encourage you to start by signing up for e-newsletters like the one offered by BestCompaniesAZ. E-newsletters like this highlight unique companies currently hiring that have outstanding company cultures. You’ll also find these highlighted companies and more on social media channels as well, so stay active on platforms like Instagram and Facebook during your job hunt.

In addition to these weekly emails, there are plenty of other resources out there geared towards helping you find the perfect fit for your career. Read up on the best employers in Arizona, check out company credentials, and consider even working with a recruiting agency to match you with your dream job. And don’t forget everyone’s favorite professional platform — LinkedIn!

Prepare for Interviews

As you begin submitting applications, it’s time to prepare for the interviews you’re bound to receive. While you should be prepared to wow the hiring manager, you should also be learning whether the company is the right fit for you.

Don’t be afraid to ask about the company culture and how they manage employee morale. The last thing you want to experience is the same burnout that may have come from your previous experience.

Begin Your Job Hunt With BestCompaniesAZ

If the answer to “Should I quit my job?” is a resounding “Yes,” it’s time to rejoin the job market and find a company that better suits your expectations. At BestCompaniesAZ, you’ll find award-winning companies with work environments you’ll want to be a part of.

We have plenty of resources to help you with your job search and make your resume stand out from the competition. We’ve even created moving guides to help you relocate to Arizona once you’ve accepted your ideal job.

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