GoDaddy Most Admired

Arizona's 2019 Most Admired Companies

Leadership Excellence

At the end of our quarterly Town Hall meetings in our Scottsdale studio and monthly hangouts, there’s an open Q&A forum where Scott and his staff answer questions from the audience. Scott also visits our customer care centers, holds quarterly leadership meetings, and facilitates “Ask Me Anything” sessions with new hires, tenured employees and our employee-led GoDaddy Groups. Our GoDaddy Groups continue to facilitate leadership development through a number of programs. GoDaddy Women in Tech hosts a monthly mentoring ring where they discuss how to find the right mentor, how to maintainthe relationship between yourself and your mentor and how to be a good mentee. GoDaddy Black in Tech hosts a Career Development series annually that covers topics from interview skills to how to become a leader. OurGoDaddy Grad group currently matches its membership of new college graduates up with mentors inside of the company. Our companywide town halls definitely get GoDaddy employees fired up. Not only do we pass along customer stories, videos, and quotes, but we’ve also started to structure every Town Hall gathering around one of our corevalues. Basically, we look at the topics we want to discuss and one of our values surfaces and ties the whole hour together. 

Workplace Culture

In addition to our most recent equality award, we have a history of awards that we are proud of. To date, GoDaddy has been honored with numerous employer awards based on our commitment to creating a great place to workwhere employees can thrive. We’re honored by this external validation because many of the awards are directlybased on employee perceptions (via external 3rd party surveys) of the workplace experience here at GoDaddy. We also conduct an annual employee survey internally called GoDaddy Voice. On our 2018 survey, we achieved an all-time high rate of engagement across our employee population. Our latest employee survey showed that 80% ofemployee recommend GoDaddy as a great place to work. Leadership takes Voice result seriously, and all peopleleaders spend time discussing results with their teams and crafting plans to address engagement gaps. GoDaddy takes great pride in offering an inclusive workplace that encourages employees to bring their authentic selves to work. We actively work to educate our employees and managers on recognizing unconscious bias, to attract a diverse pool of candidates, and to infuseopportunities for connection between our employees. 

Corporate and Social Responsibility

Our approach to Corporate Citizenship is to apply what we do best—being digital teachers and coaches; mentors and relentless advocates—as we focus on supporting the unique needs of underserved entrepreneurs through oursignature program Empower by GoDaddy. Empower by GoDaddy focuses on equipping entrepreneurs in underserved communities with the training, tools, and resources that they need to be successful. In addition to volunteer support, monetary contributions and customized training, through Empower by GoDaddy, we also donate all GoDaddy products to entrepreneurs free of charge so that there is no cost associated with the small business programming. Through Empower by GoDaddy, we’ve invested more than $500,000 in monetary contributions and $50,000 inproduct donations for Arizona entrepreneurs and we’ve helped hundreds of underserved entrepreneurs and small business owners in Arizona. 


In the past year, we have changed our approach to marketing to our customers. Above all else, our customers value their independence and the freedom that comes with their own success. That success is the sole reason GoDaddy exists. It means we’re customer obsessed – knowing them, anticipating their needs and helping them on their journey. They’re why we do, well, everything.

Our daily challenge is to build a brand that millions self-elect into and are loyal beyond reason. Great brands are like great relationships, they come with overflowing love and tons of respect. Face it, web platform companies arerarely sexy and it’s a high bar to reach this kind of brand love. But, if we show everyone out there our passion for their success, it won’t be long until customers are promising to love, honor and cherish us. We’re in it for better or for worse!

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