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A letter from GoDaddy CEO Aman Bhutani

June 24, 2020

GoDaddy CEO Aman Bhutani sent the following email to GoDaddy employees this morning.

Over the last three months, we’ve come together to support each other through an unprecedented set of challenges brought on by COVID-19. I appreciate the effort from all GoDaddy team members.

In recent town halls, many have been eager for an update to the 90-day financial certainty commitment for Q2. While those 90 days are not over, I said I would come back to you in June with clarity on the path forward.

Sadly, I must share with you, that even as our overall business continues to perform well and we are updating our revenue guidance for Q2 as evidence of that, we are still facing challenges in U.S. outbound sales, including GoDaddy Social sales. The outbound sales teams have made many creative efforts over the last three months to reverse the impacts of COVID-19, but the results of these improvements are still far below what we need for the operations to be sustainable.

In addition, we’ve learned our sales teams are more effective when they are together, in a high energy in-office environment, and yet we are faced with the challenge of adjusting our office facilities for safety in a COVID-19 world. We’ve decided to form a single Sales Center of Excellence in Gilbert, Arizona, which impacts our Iowa-based inbound sales teams.

Consequently, we have made the decision to restructure our sales functions leading to 814 team members impacted, with over 40% being offered alternate roles. Impacted team members are in Arizona outbound sales, Iowa sales, GoDaddy Social teams, and supporting corporate roles. Impacted team members are either departing, moving to a similar role, or being presented with the option to assume a role on another team.

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