December 12, 2016 BestCompaniesAZ

Getting the Job of Your Dreams When You’re “Different”

Are you “diverse”? Diversity isn’t just about gender, cultural or ethnic background, it’s also about bringing a different perspective or point of view to an organization. How can you find a great job when you see yourself as “different” and are not sure you’ll fit in?

Here are five tips for diverse job seekers to find the job of your dreams.

  1. Fish where the fish are. Focus your efforts on companies who show they not only value diversity in general, but may value your particular background. For example, veterans can be confident they’ll be appreciated at USAA. Are you female and interested in technology? GoDaddy is specifically reaching out to women in tech, providing opportunities in a predominantly male field.
  2. Find your new mentor. If you’re looking for career support, you may enjoy a company that has created Employee Resource Groups or Affinity Networks. These groups provide opportunities for people who share backgrounds or interests to network. Two examples are Charles Schwab and Synchrony Financial.
  3. Know what motivates you. If you are motivated by serving a diverse population, Dignity Health’s “humankindness” inclusiveness may appeal to you.
  4. Pick the winners. Companies that are truly committed often have won awards for diversity. One example is Medtronic, one of the Top 50 companies for diversity. In general, award winning companies are likely to be ahead of the curve in diversity efforts, so the BestCompaniesAZ career page is a good place to start.
  5. Create your own compelling story. How has your diverse background or perspective brought greater success to you, your companies in the past, your community? Think of times you exceeded expectations in some way. What was the situation? What did you do? What was the result? Tell your stories till you feel comfortable with them. When you meet with prospective employers, your specific stories will set you apart.

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Lee Vikre – Hiring Jedi
A workplace culture maven, writer, and speaker, Lee Vikre has helped numerous companies develop “best company” cultures, gaining recognition at the local and national level. Lee has been called the Jedi Master of hiring because of her exceptional recruiting abilities and friendships with people who love Star Wars. Her favorite activities involve matching people with their dream jobs at award-winning best companies.  Lee coaches CEOs but still hasn’t been able to train her three dogs not to bark during conference calls.