Generation Z in the Workplace: 5 Telling Statistics

generation z in the workplace
With the oldest of Generation Z being 22 years old as of 2020, companies are seeing more of this generation enter the workforce. Despite the similarities noted by researches, there are key differences between Generation Z and Millennials.

According to BridgeWorks, the population size of Generation Z in the United States as of 2019, sits at around 65 million. As time goes on, it is only natural that employers will see more of Generation Z entering the workplace.

Generation Z in the Workplace Statistics That Show a Changing Workforce

Check out these statistics on Generation Z in the workplace to learn more about this unique new generation.

More Likely to Ask For Expectations Upfront

A common tendency of Generation Z in the workplace that researchers at BridgeWorks noticed is their inquisitive nature. This tendency can be seen outside of the workplace, as well. In general, studies show that Gen Z is driven to stay updated and involved in political and social events.

Managers have shared feeling almost overwhelmed by how many questions an inquisitive Gen Z worker might ask. In the end, a Generation Z worker seeks more detail so that a task can be completed correctly and thoroughly. In other words, they might feel a bit lost if they don’t know about the moving parts that go into a process.

A Diverse Definition of Diversity

Diversity is a hot point to employers and employees alike due to its proven role in contributing to innovation and range of ideas. Similar to Millennials in the workplace, Generation Z is looking for a diverse environment in which to thrive.

However, the way Generation Z defines diversity efforts expands past gender and race to include identity and orientation. For employers, this means including intentional messaging in employer branding to be inclusive and up-to-date with the changing definition of the word.

Interested in Changing Technology in the Workplace

Ever since the 90s saw the implementation of the Internet, technology’s evolution has taken off.

As a generation that was shaped by cutting-edge technology, many Generation Z workers seek out jobs with the right tech.

In fact, many of Generation Z in the workplace find a job with outdated technology unappealing.

With an effort to get more done each day, studies show that 95% of Generation Z would and are automating parts of their job.

generation z in the workplace statistics

A Growing Need For Flexible Careers

Past generations have seen workers who prefer more flexible work environments compared to traditional structures. This desire is no different when it comes to Generation Z.

As with many beliefs, the right to a flexible work environment is something that many in Gen Z stand firmly behind.

A study from the Workforce Institute shows where some in Generation Z draws the line when asking for flexibility. 35% of those surveyed wouldn’t tolerate an employer, making them work outside of their desired work schedule. Additionally, 34% of those surveyed shared that they wanted to use their vacation days whenever instead of only when an employer said it was permitted.

The Ideal Career Doesn’t Always Come Down to Money

As a generation that is clearly driven by personal values, Generation Z’s ideal job is not always determined by a good salary.

In a study performed by Dell in 2018, 38% of those surveyed shared that they wanted to work somewhere environmentally conscious. Plus, 50% of participants want an environment that encourages professional development.

For Generation Z, a career that gives them a sense of purpose is more appealing than one that simply pays well.

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