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Galvanize Company Profile

2423 E. Lincoln Drive,
Phoenix AZ 85016

Tech Education

Galvanize is a technology ecosystem for learners, entrepreneurs, startups, and established companies that meets the needs of the rapidly changing digital world.

We do this by:

  • Transforming individuals and teams through effective education and community programs
  • Delivering exceptional outcomes
  • Coalescing and nurturing a community of innovators anchored by our campuses

At Galvanize, we believe that industry and education are stronger together. We bring this vision together on 9 vibrant, modern campuses across the U.S. The company was founded in Denver, Colorado in 2012 by founders who saw the power of community building and were inspired to make tech education accessible to all.

The Phoenix campus launched in 2017 in the downtown Warehouse District and has become a vibrant tech hub, offering coworking, tech education, events and community spaces. Galvanize is leading a major transformation of the district. In two short years, we’ve added 115 companies to the Warehouse District and transformed the lives of more than 100 graduates from our software engineering and data science programs. These students complete 3-6 month programs as software engineers/web developers or data scientists, landing lucrative positions that are in high demand


  • Mission first, people always
  • Hold yourself and others accountable and responsible
  • Create for the future with pride, passion, and urgency
  • Win with trust, integrity, and inclusion
  • Be a team. Do your job. Be a pineapple.
  • Continuously learn, grow, and hustle


Traditionally, industry and education have existed in separate worlds. At Galvanize, we’re bridging this longstanding gap by bringing industry partners, ambitious students, world-class education, and passionate founders under one roof. This is the Galvanize community.

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