5 Flexible Work Arrangement Examples for the Future of Work

flexible work arrangements

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If you’re interested in exploring flexible work arrangements for yourself or your company, you’re not alone. The COVID-19 pandemic normalized working from home and flexible work arrangements for people across industries. It’s safe to say that flexible work arrangements are the way of the future, and forward-thinking employers are getting on board.
Flexible work arrangements can benefit everyone, from new moms and young professionals to seasoned corporate veterans. Read on to learn about flexible work schedule examples for today’s working world.

Examples of Different Types of Flexible Work Arrangements


Telecommuting is one of the most popular types of flexible work arrangements. With this setup, employees can work remotely or away from the office for part of the week or month. Generally, employees who telecommute can commute to the office and do so 1–3 times per week. This schedule offers flexibility to employees who may have an extra-long commute and save both time and gas over time. It also makes running quick errands or picking kids up from school much easier for working parents.

Condensed Work Weeks

Employers looking for flexible work schedule ideas that are still primarily office-based may be particularly interested in condensed workweeks. With this arrangement, full-time employees are still required to work 40-hours each week but may condense the hours into 3 or 4 days, as opposed to the traditional 5 day work week. Someone utilizing the flexibility of condensed workweeks may work 4, 10-hour days instead of 5, 8-hour days. This approach opens the door for employees to regularly have 3 day weekends, a coveted treat for office workers everywhere. Condensed work weeks are a great option for employees who like to travel on the weekends. They work best in situations where employees can stay focused and productive throughout their extended workday.

Custom Working Hours

The traditional 8 AM to 5 PM isn’t always the optimal working schedule for everyone. Early birds may struggle to stay productive towards the late afternoon, and night owls may struggle to be fully awake with an 8 AM start time. Offering custom working hours is one of the best flexible work schedule ideas for companies looking to dip their toe into the waters of flexibility. This approach allows employees to choose their own working hours. The hours must be reasonable, and in most cases, employees are still required to attend mandatory meetings, whether or not they fall into their preferred working time. This option falls among flexible work schedule ideas that are great for employees craving custom start times.

Part-Time Work

Part-time work is a flexible work schedule example that’s tried and true. Sometimes, full-time employees may desire to reduce their hours to make room for other priorities in life, such as caring for a family member or starting their own business. Part-time work is also attractive to students, retirees, and people who want to work but don’t thrive with a traditional full-time schedule. This arrangement allows workers to work less than 40-hours per week. In general, part-time work has more flexibility in terms of the start time, so workers can choose roles or shifts that work with their other priorities.

Fully Remote Work

Fully remote work one of the flexible work schedule examples that more and more employers are testing, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. This work approach allows employees to work from anywhere and doesn’t require them to come into the office at any time. Fully remote work works best with roles that lean heavily on the internet or the cloud. Employers embracing fully remote work use technology, such as video conferencing software, to connect employees and enable collaboration. This flexible work arrangement is particularly attractive to employees who love their company but want to move elsewhere without leaving their job. It also offers flexibility to working parents and increases job opportunities and accessibility for individuals living in rural areas.

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