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Ex(SPAN)d Your Career with Schwab

Empowering Those Returning to the Workforce

Careers and life have something in common: They’re not linear. Just like your career path is subject to change, so is the life you live and personal events that happen.

For many working individuals, family comes first and this is something we support at Schwab — emphasizing work-life balance. Schwab is there to support you to not only Own Your Tomorrow, but also help Own Your Way to Work.

For fellow #Schwabbie and ABI Manager, Nancy Robbins, Schwab made a powerful impact on her journey back to the workforce in 2017. Prior to coming to Schwab, Nancy spent 7 years out of the workforce and was focused on raising her family. As her children got older, Nancy began to think about what the next stage of her life could look like. As she describes it, “I was ready for some stimulation and a new challenge. I was yearning to return to my career and share my strengths outside my home and family.”

With Nancy’s desire to get back to the workforce, along with a ‘fairy godmother’ that recommended her for the position at Schwab, things were looking up for her career. While going through the interview process, Nancy was pleasantly surprised to find how progressive and supportive the culture at Schwab was about her break and her desire to return: “It was a dream come true for me in the sense that I found the perfect fit – a position that leverages my past experience with a new focus, and that allows me more work-life balance.”

Nancy is passionate about advocating and helping people that are in a similar career and life stage as she was, which is why she’s gotten involved with starting a taskforce within SPAN (Schwab’s Parent Network) focused on boomerang employees and/or those who’ve returned to work after taking a break: “I feel so fortunate that things worked out for me, and that I was able to relaunch my career in such a warm and friendly culture where people want to help you succeed. I am here [at Schwab] because I want to be. During my pause, I had time to reflect on who I am and what is important to me, and taking the break has made me a better, more engaged employee. I’m hoping that I can pay forward with my experience, and really look forward to a rewarding career here.”

Nancy’s story is a great example of what it truly means to Be Proactive about your career and Ignite what passions lie within you.

Lastly, Nancy’s recommendation to anyone in a similar position as her is that, “If your heart is telling you need something more, there are opportunities out there for you…I’m not that unique, there’s a lot of us out there and a lot of benefit to be gained by taking folks like me back because we have so much to offer, we want to be here, we are skilled and smart.”

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