July 29, 2020 BestCompaniesAZ

8 Examples of Purpose At Work

A company’s purpose is found in many different forms, from a vision statement on a wall to getting to meet a customer. A purpose isn’t always obvious but intricately woven into every decision a business makes. Every company has their own way of showing their purpose.

What are some examples of purpose? How does purpose encourage an organization’s employees? We asked eight professionals to tell us how their company puts their purpose on display.


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Texas Adoption Center shares our purpose through photographs of forever families, created through domestic infant adoption. Whether we are sending a newborn baby photo among our agency staff to impart a sense of pride in their everyday work or sharing a photo on social media of the beaming adoptive parents. These shared images allow our company to put a face with the purpose. The faces in a photograph each have a story of their adoption journey and everyone is linked to someone who has been touched by adoption.

Kenna Hamm, Texas Adoption Center


You’ll See it in Our Decisions

Purpose is a part of everything we do at Y Scouts. We believe when you are aligned with purpose, people and companies will make the biggest positive impact – truly a better world. We have fun with our purpose, not only is it on our walls, it guides our decisions both internally and externally. This extends to helping our clients look at hiring in new and unique ways, which in a nutshell is, hiring on purpose.

Candi Luciano, Y Scouts


It’s All on the About Page

It really depends on the type of business. Our company is web-based and our main way of communicating our purpose is on the About page. But, it should stem down to almost every form of communication, whether it’s landing pages, blog posts, social media, email or even invoices sent to clients.

Alex Pesic, InvoiceQuick


Clean Water For All

Our purpose is to get clean drinking water to people when they turn on their faucets, making sure that the pipes in a town or city don’t break and cause millions of dollars worth of damage. Our employees know our purpose, but they are reminded time and time again when our clients’ faces light up when they see just how well their pipelines operate when we are done, saving them money and headaches.

Rex Murphey, Montauk Services


Motivational Quotes Will Only Take You So Far

The company’s purpose is ingrained into all activities, the attitude of the team and management behavior. Every team member has their own professional goals, but they are umbrellaed under the company goal. Motivational quotes will only take you so far.

Alan Mitchell, Clarity Wave


Vision Statements Need to Live in Practice

Be accountable for treating employees with respect, vendors and key stakeholders with quality and customers with high performance. An organization’s compensation and KPI’s need to reflect the values an organization holds. If the vision statement was done correctly, this will benefit investors and shareholders as well. Turnover of employees, vendors and customers is costly.

Amy Feind Reeves, JobCoachAmy


Purpose of the Company Is the Company Itself

It doesn’t have to be visible in a way of a vision statement on the wall or some fancy quote that everyone knows. In our case, what we create is our purpose and thus our work ethic invokes what we believe in and what we strive for. We know what we want to create and why it’s worth the effort. The purpose comes from that.

Jakub Kliszczak, Channels


Use Company Accomplishments as Motivation

Before COVID-19, we had a wall in our office with our values alongside many of our accomplishments. The visual aspect of the purpose helped us stay motivated to do what we do best. Seeing all the wonderful things we’ve been able to accomplish for our clients serves as our roadmap to success. Besides the office, we also keep our purpose public on our website so everyone is able to see exactly what we do and how we stay motivated.

Thylan Le, Digital Marketing Company