Top Eco Friendly Companies to Watch in Phoenix 2019

eco friendly companies

In 2016, the City of Phoenix took on the exciting challenge of tackling clearly defined sustainability goals. The 2050 Environmental Sustainability goals outline the necessary steps to reach Phoenix’s aspirations of becoming a Sustainable Desert City. These goals will help move Phoenix closer towards a socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable metropolis.

For those who hold sustainability near and dear to their hearts, there are several great employers in Arizona that share similar eco friendly values. Whether you’re moving to Phoenix or looking for a new job, finding a company that supports your beliefs is simpler than before.

Check out these seven best eco friendly companies that are pushing what it means for businesses to go green!

Green Companies That Are Leading Environmentally Sustainable Movements in Phoenix

American Express

“The World Sustains Us All – Here’s How We’re Sustaining It” 

American Express serves its customers and stakeholders by taking part in protecting the planet. As a result, the company has taken up initiatives to limit the environmental footprint of their business operations. Specifically, there are three main areas of focus, including building a clean, efficient business; creating responsible products; and encouraging its team members to get involved. American Express has showcased its green initiatives for clean power in its data centers (among several other areas). For example, their Information Processing Center in Arizona is proudly EPA Energy Star certified. This means it consumes 35 percent less energy and generates 35 percent fewer carbon emissions than comparable buildings in the country!

Mobile Mini

“Going Green with Storage Containers”

Mobile Mini offers portable units that provide storage and office space solutions across the country, in Canada, and in the UK. Apart from keeping its customers’ belongings safe, Mobile Mini has pledged to keep the environment safe with a commitment to sustainability and renewable consumption. Due to these efforts, the Green Business Bureau has certified Mobile Mini’s green business practices. A few of their eco friendly practices include re-purposing containers after their use-life, recycling steel containers, and ensuring that on-site containers lessen the need for transportation.

BAE Systems

“We use our engineering expertise to improve resource efficiency and make our business and products more sustainable.”

BAE Systems is a defense and aerospace company that also strives to reduce environmental impacts at every stage of a products’ lifecycle. This includes from concept, design and manufacture through to use and disposal. Because BAE Systems works with such large-scale projects, it’s challenging to tackle a global emissions reduction goal. However with this in mind, it’s become even more important for them to set energy targets that contribute to an overall reduction. Goals include making facilities more energy efficient and empowering employees through training and educational material.


“We know what it means to conserve.”

USAA is leading eco friendly companies in the financial services industry by taking care of the communities where they operate. They understand that adopting greener business practices can also improve the health and mood of those in the community. So what are they doing to help? When it comes to recycling, USAA provides green containers in its cafes, meaning they keep an estimated 6,446,840 Styrofoam containers out of the landfill every year. They’ve also adopted a commitment to go paperless, encourage sustainable commuting, and save on water and energy consumption every day.

Dignity Health

“Hello humankindness is a powerful idea that reflects our shared heritage and commitment to future generations. “

As an environmentally friendly company in Phoenix in healthcare, Dignity Health understands that humans’ wellness is directly linked to the planet’s wellness. Therefore, Dignity Health strives to contribute to both people’s quality of life and the environment’s wellbeing. The company has several environmental partnerships and initiatives in place to support that believe. For example, Dignity Health actively advocates to prevent dangerous chemicals from seeping into care centers and waste streams. Additionally, the hospital system commits to voluntarily measure, reduce, and report emissions of greenhouse gases.


“We are working toward long-term environmental sustainability.”

Vanguard is a financial services company that strives to meet its business goals, while also ensuring that operations are environmentally sustainable. Above all, the company’s goal is to meet today’s needs without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same. Some of its highlight initiatives to reduce environmental impact include energy efficiency, using eco friendly manufactured resources, and providing commuter benefits.


“Voya Earns Gold for Purchasing Environmentally Responsible Electronics”

This company is yet another great example of environmentally conscious business practices in Phoenix. Voya‘s long track record of recognitions and sustainable practices stands a testament to the company’s pledge to sustainability. For example, Voya Financial joined the RE100 in 2015, a global list of eco friendly companies that have pledged to source 100% of their electricity from renewable energy. The goal is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and further develop environmentally sustainable business practices. In addition, Voya has purchased clean, emission-free wind energy credits equal to 100 percent of its electricity usage since 2007.

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