4 Tech Companies Committed to Prioritizing Diversity

diversity in tech

Conversations around diversity in tech are happening more frequently in today’s world as companies look to find unique ways to create workplaces that reflect the diversity of their employees and customers. In an industry that’s generally thought of as heavily male, White, and Asian, these companies are changing the game with their diverse workforces and initiatives.

From offering an array of employee resource groups to being industry leaders in hiring women for tech roles, these companies are champions for diversity in tech. First, let’s take a look at what the nationwide benchmark looks like for tech companies and diversity.

What Does Diversity Look Like at the Average Tech Company?

Despite the years of awareness and efforts made to involve more underrepresented groups, large tech companies have far from hit goals or made significant strides to grow diverse workforces. Facebook, for instance, only increased its percentage of Black employees from 3% to 3.8% from 2015 to 2020.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) found that tech companies employ a larger proportion of White, Asian, and male employees than the overall private sector. As a result, tech companies also have a smaller ratio of women, Black, and Hispanic employees in their workforces.

Taking a closer look at what we typically consider “tech”, those who hold technical jobs that involve skills like coding, for example, are more likely to be white men. Meanwhile, underrepresented groups excluding Asians are more seen in non-technical roles.

Arizona Tech Companies Committed to Long-Term Diversity

However, the general awareness around increasing diversity at technology companies has led to many positive changes. Here’s a look at how four Arizona tech companies prioritize diversity.

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1. GoDaddy

Employee Resource Groups and Updated Promotion Principles

GoDaddy is known for its vibrant colors, fun brand, and innovative way of thinking in the tech world. You’ll find color and collaboration on the company’s website and throughout the halls of its Arizona offices. At GoDaddy, openness and inclusivity create a welcoming environment for all of its employees.

The company has employee resource groups for Women, Veterans, Latinos, Fitness Enthusiasts, Blacks, and LGBT+ Individuals. These groups help employees with personal and professional development. They also do community service and provide a safe space for people to connect with other team members they relate with.

Additionally, GoDaddy developed guiding principles to make sure all employees receive a fair review and to establish promotion equality. They created scorecards for all evaluations and made sure all employees are reviewed for the same amount of time.

GoDaddy Diversity Statistics

  • Salaries for men and women and ethnic groups are all within a few cents of each other for like roles
  • GoDaddy’s total proportion of women is 29%, while this number stands at 17% for tech companies globally
  • Minorities comprise 33% of the US workforce population

GoDaddy has won numerous awards as one of the best tech companies in diversity:

2. Charles Schwab

Employee Resource Groups and Underrepresented Student Recruiting

Charles Schwab prioritizes diversity in technology in a variety of ways, including offering a host of employee resource groups for employees to join. More than a quarter of Schwab’s employees, affectionately known as “Schwabbies,” belong to at least one of these groups.

To date, there are more than 60 employee resource group chapters at Schwab throughout the country, with 33% of employees belonging to at least one. A few of these groups include networks for Asian Pacific Islanders, Blacks, Individuals who are differently-abled, military veterans, members of the LGBT+ community, Latinos, parents, and women. The tech company also heavily recruits diverse new hires at historically Black colleges and at colleges with a higher percentage of Latino students.

At Schwab, diversity and inclusion are a way of life. The company believes that through diversity, it gains a wider range of perspectives and experiences, something that benefits everyone.

Charles Schwab Diversity Statistics

  • Women make up 38% of Schwab’s total workforce, with ethnic minorities comprising 32%
  • Women represent 32% of officers, with ethnic minorities at 14%
  • Charles Schwab was recognized as one of “America’s Best Employers for Diversity” by Forbes in 2019

Charles Schwab has won numerous awards as one of the best tech companies in diversity:

3. Silicon Valley Bank

Innovation Through Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 

Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) is a bank serving innovative companies globally with a newly expanded corporate presence in Tempe, Arizona that’s committed to diversity and inclusion. The company builds an inclusive work environment through “regular training and educational opportunities, leadership development, hiring outreach programs, fair compensation analysis and strategic partnerships.”

In addition to SVB’s impressive diversity statistics, this company leads diversity in tech through its numerous awards, such as the 2020 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index. Lending to its success in growing a diverse workforce, SVB partners with several specialists to enhance internal programs. For example, SVB joined the Paradigm for Parity® in 2018, which is a coalition of business leaders seeking to achieve corporate gender parity by 2030.

From workshops promoting awareness and action to heavy investment in programs increasing diversity in tech, SVB has made diversity, equity and inclusion a top priority in a company that prides itself on innovation.

Silicon Valley Bank Diversity Statistics

  • Women make up 45% of its total workforce, 32% of senior leaders, and 33% of board members globally
  • Racial minority groups make up 39% of its total workforce, 27% of senior leaders, and 8% of board members in the US

SVB has won numerous awards as one of the best tech companies in diversity:

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4. Norton Lifelock

Inclusion Around the World

Diversity and inclusion are core values woven into every aspect of Norton Lifelock’s culture. With a belief that diversity extends far beyond just race, ethnicity, and gender, Norton is determined to foster an “environment where every culture, language, age, sexual orientation, disability, background, and experience is celebrated.”

At a global level, Norton is shaping a more diverse future workshop through initiatives like attracting diverse talent, maintaining inclusive experiences for current employees, and investing in STEM education to create a pipeline of talented, diverse individuals. This approach of increasing diversity in tech is also present in bias training for managers, outreach to underrepresented groups, and diversity metric tracking to ensure growth.

In addition, Norton Lifelock supports Employee Resource Groups, such as Supporting New & Aspiring Professionals (SNAP), NortonLifeLock’s Black Life Empowerment (NOBLE), NortonLifeLock’s LGBTQIA+ & Allies Alliance (N-PRIDE), and Hispanic/Latino Outreach Leadership & Advancement (HOLA), which raise awareness for varying facets of inclusion and diversity.

Norton LifeLock Diversity Statistics

  • Introduced a total of 10,000+ students to careers in cyber security in 2018 working with nonprofit educational partners like AAUW, NPower and Year Up. 71 percent of these graduates are under-represented minorities in technology.

Norton LifeLock has won numerous awards as one of the best tech companies in diversity:

Diversity at Tech Companies Found Across Arizona

If you want to learn more about diversity in tech at some of Arizona’s best companies, check out our resources and keep an eye on our upcoming events. If you’re looking for your next position, consider applying to one of our incredible tech companies. Each company strives to make sure its workplace is open and welcoming for all people.

(Originally published October 2018, updated September 2020.)

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