October 24, 2018 BestCompaniesAZ

Diversity in Tech – These 4 Companies are Changing the Game

Conversations around diversity in tech are happening more frequently in today’s world as companies look to find unique ways to create workplaces that reflect the diversity of their employees and customers. In an industry that’s generally thought of as heavily male and heavily caucasian, these companies are changing the game with their diverse workforces and initiatives.

From offering an array of employee resource groups, to being industry leaders in hiring women for tech roles, these companies are champions for diversity in tech. Here’s a look at how four Arizona tech companies prioritize diversity.

GoDaddy – Employee Resource Groups and Updated Promotion Principles

GoDaddy is known for its vibrant colors, fun brand, and innovative way of thinking in the tech world. You’ll find color and collaboration on the company’s website and throughout the halls of its Arizona offices. At GoDaddy, openness and inclusivity create a welcoming environment for all of its employees.

The company has employee resource groups for Women, Veterans, Latinos, Fitness Enthusiasts, Blacks, and LGBT+ Individuals. These groups help employees with personal and professional development . They also do community service and provide a safe space for people to connect with other team members they relate with.

Additionally, GoDaddy developed guiding principles to make sure all employees receive a fair review and to establish promotion equality. They created scorecards for all evaluations and made sure all employees were review for the same amount of time.

Charles Schwab – Employee Resource Groups Galore

Charles Schwab prioritizes diversity in technology in a variety of ways, including offering a host of employee resource groups for employees to join. More than a quarter of Schwab’s employees, affectionately known as “Schwabbies,” belong to at least one of these groups.

To date, there are more than 60 employee resource group chapters at Schwab throughout the country. A few of these groups include networks for Asian Pacific Islanders, Blacks, Individuals who are differently-abled, military veterans, members of the LGBT+ community, latinos, parents, and women.

At Schwab, diversity and inclusion are a way of life. The company believes that through diversity, it gains a wider range of perspectives and experiences, something that benefits everyone.

Infusionsoft – Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Infusionsoft is a technology company headquartered in Chandler, Arizona that’s committed to diversity and inclusion. The company has a diversity and inclusion committee that fosters a culture of respect, belonging, and openness to all.

Between 2016 and 2017, the company focused on enhancing its maternity leave program, prioritizing ongoing employee diversity awareness and education, and introducing unconscious bias training.

The company also launched an awareness and fairness training in 2016. The program helps ensure that leaders and employees experience consistency, fairness and transparency in the workplace.

Clearlink – Inclusion and Diversity Program

At Clearlink, everyone is a part and no one is apart. The company’s diversity and inclusion motto permeates throughout its company culture, one in which every member of the Clearlink community can thrive and succeed.

Clearlink weaves cultural competency into its practices and policies to makes sure individuals from all backgrounds feel welcomed and valued. The company also promotes equity by ensuring all employees have access to the same opportunities. To do this, the company recognizes and adjusts imbalances and barriers to opportunity to close achievement gaps.

If you want to learn more about diversity in tech at some of Arizona’s best companies, check out our resources and keep an eye on our upcoming events. If you’re looking for your next position, consider applying to one of our incredible tech companies. Each company strives to make sure its workplace is open and welcoming for all people.