Customer Service Interview Questions and Sample Answers

It’s no secret that jobs in customer service (particularly in call centers) can be challenging at times — but they’re a necessary component of helping any business to run smoothly. If you’re on top of your game, there’s no reason your customer service interview should be overly challenging. So, simply read through the customer service interview questions and sample answers below to help you prepare for your interview and perform strongly!

It’s important to note that opportunities for career advancement can truly open up for you when you work at a call center. This is because it allows you to learn so much about the company and move up to a variety of positions, departments, and so forth. These customer service interview questions and sample answers will propel you on your way to a successful career in the industry of your choice.

Top Customer Service Interview Questions and Sample Answers

How do you handle tough customers?

For questions like this, you want to emphasize the idea that the customer is always right. Additionally, you should always be willing to entertain this idea. Talk about how you’ve calmed customers down by letting them vent, listened to them explain their dissatisfaction or confusions. Then explain how you simply offered your support, understanding, and aid in return.

Give an example of an instance where you went to great lengths to help a customer.

As one of the top customer service interview questions, your answer of course requires a personal story. So, try to recount an instance of this particular example if you can. However, even if there isn’t an outstanding instance that comes to mind, you can briefly discuss your passion and commitment to providing positive customer service experiences for anyone you assist, even when they are challenging you with potentially arduous or obnoxious tasks.

What personal strengths can you bring to the team? What are your weaknesses?

Again, this is a personal question, but there are definitely some universal rules to apply when you answer it. Briefly discuss your strengths, listing no more than three, so you avoid appearing as if you’re rambling. Touch on one or two personal weaknesses, but discuss them in a positive way. Talk about how you’re improving your weaknesses, what you’ve learned from certain experiences, and ways you’re looking to mitigate your weaknesses in general moving forward.

Describe a time you experienced poor customer service. How did the situation turn out? How has it influenced your work in this industry?

There has likely been a time when you were annoyed or displeased with customer service. You can talk about how you’ve learned to be a more patient and understanding customer since working on the other side, as well as how situations like this have only helped you improve at your own job.

How have you grown/improved since fielding your very first customer service phone call?

You can talk about any array of things you’ve learned from working in the customer service industry, and how these things have specifically contributed to a swift handling of customer service phone calls. Are you more patient, more pleasant, able to answer questions more quickly and think on your feet? Think about things you’ve learned and specific skills you’ve gained, and reiterate those in your answer.

How do you feel about monotonous, boring tasks?

Unfortunately, customer service jobs inevitably include lackluster tasks. This includes taking inventory, making photocopies, and both answering and procuring hundreds of phone calls. It’s okay to say that while tasks like these do not necessarily excite you, you understand they are a necessary element of your job and that you are happy to help out the company in any way you can. As an important customer service interview question, it reveals how fit for the role the candidate might be.

Have you ever had to work with someone you did not get along with? How did you handle the situation?

Even if you don’t have an anecdote to share, say something about how you can easily put personal differences aside. You should ideally discuss how you want to promote productivity and efficiency at work, and that you understand there is no place for drama or angst between you and your coworkers in a professional environment.

Tell us about your phone and email skills/etiquette. (Especially relevant to call center jobs!)

You should discuss ways in which you prove well-versed in both phone and email communication. Highlight personal assets like your friendliness and dedication to answering questions. Explain your ability to accept responsibility on behalf of the company, to be apologetic when necessary, and to maintain professionalism in any medium of communication. These are all musts in this industry, and things you’ll want to market and articulate clearly in your interview.

Are you searching for a career where you have opportunities for advancement? Starting out in a customer service position can quickly lead to a variety of opportunities with a top employer.

Looking for more help to land one of the best jobs in Arizona? Here are more interview questions to help you prepare:

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