March 20, 2017 BestCompaniesAZ

Creating a Brighter Future: Arizona’s Best Companies Give Back

Like many businesses, our team at BestCompaniesAZ is committed to give back to organizations making a difference in our community and in people’s lives. And with our 15th anniversary honoring the 100 Best Arizona Companies, most of these companies have strong corporate social responsibility initiatives. Throughout the year we want to shine a spotlight on a variety of charities that the 100 Best contribute to with their resources of time and money.

Arizona’s Best Companies Give Back

World Down Syndrome DayMarch 21st is World Down Syndrome Day, which hits close to home for our team since my daughter Julia (pictured right) has Down Syndrome. So to kick off our charity spotlights we want to share about an amazing organization committed to improving the lives of people with Down Syndrome, which can directly impact our communities, as well as our companies.

Ruby’s Rainbow is making a difference not only in individual lives, but also broadening our society’s view of the capabilities of people with Down Syndrome. The mission of Ruby’s Rainbow is to grant scholarships to adults with Down Syndrome who are seeking post-secondary education, enrichment or vocational classes. It is their goal to create awareness of the capabilities of these amazing individuals and help them achieve their dreams of higher education.

The unemployment rate among people with disabilities is more than double that of the general population – 10.7% in 2015, compared to 5.1% for non-disabled workers.  By helping a segment of this community further their education, we can potentially help chip away at the high unemployment rate for the disabled.

One way for corporations to make a difference in the disability community now that can impact their prospects of securing a fulfilling career is through contributing to Ruby’s Rainbow. You will play a part in allowing more young adults with Down Syndrome to realize their dreams of attending college and learning valuable skills for their future employment. Think about the long term effects this can have for the unemployment rate for the disabled community, and what it can do for our company cultures to truly have more diverse and inclusive organizations! Look at what Walgreens & other companies have done and the benefits they have experienced: Employees With Disabilities Can Boost Business Success.

For World Down Syndrome Day, Ruby’s Rainbow is running their 3/21 Pledge, asking for individuals to donate $21. But we know corporations can do more than that! So we challenge our corporate friends to consider donations of $321 or $3,210, or whatever amount you are able to contribute! Or contact them to become a corporate sponsor.

It’s exciting to think about the impact we can have in people’s lives through giving of our time and resources. And we look forward to sharing more stories of great organizations the 100 Best Arizona Companies support and the difference it makes not only in our communities, but within the companies!

Let us know if you decide to donate to Ruby’s Rainbow, and we’d love to hear your stories of service and giving back! Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram!


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When she isn’t promoting great companies, Jocelyn advocates for people with Down syndrome; encouraging inclusion, educating others, and dispelling common myths. Her young daughter directly benefits from her advocacy.