Considering a Career in Technology? 5 Things To Know

Most of us reach a point in life where we are not satisfied with the job we have. Then, the question that most of us don’t want to ask ourselves comes crashing on our minds; what next?

What’s the next step? Data shows for 50% of people, and expected to rise to 77% in the next decade, the obvious option is to switch careers. Looking at our current economy, the tech industry has dominated the field in terms of jobs created, versatility, and demand across other industries.

Anything that exists competitively on the market today has a technological component involved in the distribution, product development, or marketing side of things. A dog collar, for example, certainly has more technology that goes into the supply chain than you would expect.

If you’re considering a career in technology, there are a few things you should know before jumping into this fast-moving industry.

5 Things to Know for a Career in Technology

Consider your own interests and skills

Your talents and interests matter when it comes to deciding your next career move. As much as this seems like a cliché, it has survived the test of time. Tech’s attraction and recent hype is due in part to generous salaries and job stability. However, don’t lose sight of what you enjoy doing. You wouldn’t want to switch careers to another one that’s not fulfilling at all.

Tech is an incredibly broad term that can refer to a number of technology-based products and services across a range of industries from health care to rental properties. What area motivates you enough to continuously learn and innovate? Your current skill set will also have a part to play.

Be aware of common misconceptions

Myth: Tech jobs are more difficult than other positions. While tech jobs do require a specific skill set, positions range from software engineers to database administrators. You can’t truly assign a difficulty level to tech jobs, as experience, company demands, personal ability, and industry make jobs different for everyone.

Myth: Tech is classically defined as working alone in a dark cubicle doing some sort of coding. Many tech-based companies boast innovative work spaces and rely heavily on collaboration with different departments to solve problems.

Myth: Anyone who’s tech savvy would love a job in tech. Just because you’re good with computers doesn’t mean you’re meant to have a career in tech. Although there are a long list of benefits, long hours in front of a computer, detailed-oriented work, and not always so glamorous projects aren’t for everyone.

Those considering a career in technology should also keep in mind the diversity of the field. Open tech positions consist of 43% non-tech jobs according to Glassdoor, like marketing and management.

Challenges when making a switch into tech

Ability to transition into tech may vary. Most career changes in general take long or short periods depending on the person’s ability to adapt and learn. If serious about making a switch, find a purpose and long-term goal to work towards. By building your knowledge base and skill set on the side, you can strategically approach the change and be more positive that what you’re learning is what you’d like to dedicate a full-time position to.

Well-known benefits of working in tech

  • A generous salary. While a great incentive, this definitely shouldn’t be the primary motivator. Some professionals drop out of tech positions with six-figure salaries.
  • Fulfillment. If you’re making a switch, then you’re searching for a dynamic field with lots of room to grow. Tech might be what you need in the long run.
  • Room to practice creativity. A fast-moving field means creative minds are prized for ability to innovate and think outside the box in a competitive industry.

Patience is key

Career changes should be strategically thought out and not hastily done in an attempt to escape an undesirable work situation.

As alluring as tech careers may be, it takes time to build experience and move up the ladder. If you’re curious about starting an exciting career in tech, check out some best employers in technology or brush up on your tech lingo to get familiar.

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