These 12 Companies Offer The Best Benefits, Hands Down

companies with the best benefits
More and more, potential employees are evaluating benefits as one of the deciding factors on whether they’d like to apply for or accept a new position. Companies are trying their best to accommodate the changing needs of employees and adjust their benefits packages accordingly. With so many employers investing in benefits packages, it’s no surprise that candidates are looking for companies with the best benefits. Read on to learn more about a few of these companies and the benefits they offer.

12 Companies with the Best Benefits

Companies with Cool Wellness Benefits


Coming up first on our list of companies with the best benefits is Asana. This software company pays employees to take a nap. That’s right — Asana offers nap rooms where employees can take time to rest and recharge. In addition, employees have access to unlimited Paid Time Off (PTO), free gym memberships, and an in-house culinary team for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


As a champion of the work-life balance, GoDaddy offers a very flexible PTO plan. Healthy living programs, concierge health care, and on-site workout facilities in certain locations are also a plus for GoDaddy’s employees. Let’s not forget the extensive medical, dental, and vision policies that ensure the health and safety of their employees.


Ever heard of the Headspace app? It’s all about meditation and mindfulness — and you can get a free subscription with Genetech. Employees of this biotech company are able to kick back and relax for a short period as they listen to the soothing sounds provided on this app. That’s not all! Genetech also offers services to support mental health as well as a fitness center, peaceful rooftop garden, and visiting dentist.

Companies with Stellar Educational Benefits

Bank of America

With Bank of America, employees are able to partake in a Tuition Assistance program. Employees interested in taking job-related courses are eligible for up to $7,500/year of reimbursement as they work through their continuing education. Bank of America also offers free counseling to help employees set and meet educational and career goals.


As an employee of Deloitte, you’ll get the exceptional benefit of full tuition reimbursement if you choose to pursue a graduate degree. This educational benefit includes a stipend for technology and discounts for graduate school entrance exams to reduce the burden of costs as you continue your education.


Both full-time and part-time employees of the most magical place on earth can receive 100% of their tuition paid for individuals choosing to attend select Disney Aspire schools. Unlike many other programs, Disney’s educational benefit covers undergraduate and graduate programs. You won’t even have to select courses related to your position if you’d like to pursue another avenue.

Companies with Awesome Travel Benefits


Moz easily tops the list of companies with the best benefits when it comes to travel. This SEO company takes vacation time very seriously, offering up to four weeks of paid vacation time. Holiday vacation expenses won’t have to be a concern for employees with the company’s $3,000/year reimbursement.


Site users aren’t the only ones who get to experience the exceptional Airbnb locations! Every employee has the opportunity to receive a $2,000/year stipend to use at a listing or two anywhere in the world. Take a week each year and explore the wonders of the world before returning back to the phenomenal office spaces and welcoming company culture of Airbnb.


Company loyalty definitely has its perks with Expedia. Depending on how long you’ve stayed with the company, you may be eligible for discounts at hotels through the booking system or even free travel. Holiday vacations are a big deal over at Expedia, and employees can receive a $750 travel reimbursement as well.

Companies with Helpful Parental Benefits


Joining the list of companies with the best benefits packages is Cisco. Parents and grandparents alike can benefit from Cisco’s family-friendly policies. This top company offers benefits such as Child Bonding Leave, Adoption Leave, and Grandparents Leave that allows family members the opportunity to adjust to parenthood or grandparenthood. Cisco also offers a flexible return schedule for parents having to transition back to work after their paid leave.


At Salesforce, new parents can enjoy up to 26 weeks of PTO to adjust to their new chapter in life. As you slowly make the transition back to work, you’ll have the opportunity to work four days a week for the first month to adjust to a new schedule. The list goes on with Salesforce’s parental benefits, including MilkStork services and a one-time parental meal reimbursement.


New parents will love the benefits KPMG has to offer. With up to 17 weeks of paid maternity leave and six weeks of paternity leave, parents have plenty of time to bond with their new baby. KPMG is also ready to help families grow with a $6,000 stipend for fertility treatments and up to $20,000 per child of adoption assistance. Lastly, this company offers a flexible schedule option and childcare to help their employees.

Find The Benefits You’re After with Employee Benefits International

Though the above list of companies with the best benefits is a great starting point, there are other options for achieving the benefits you deserve from your current or new employer. Employee Benefits International is dedicated to offering benefit options at a lower cost to employers. EBI is invested in ensuring employees receive the highest-quality benefits possible and understand what is being offered to them by their employer. Contact EBI today to learn more about your benefit possibilities!

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