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Best Employers with Jobs for People Over 50

Age discrimination isn’t a new phenomenon; however, as more professionals decide to extend their careers into retirement, it has become more prevalent.

Age discrimination is the act of treating an employee less favorably because of his or her age. Despite legislation enacted by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, it is still a rampant problem.

To elaborate, in a study conducted by the Urban Institute and ProPublica, it was found that in 2014, 55 percent of new retirees felt that they were forced or partly forced into retirement by their employer. In turn, forced retirement caused significant financial and wellness strife.

This can be disparaging news for older professionals approaching retirement; nonetheless, there is considerable reassurance from an influx of companies with initiatives to offer jobs for people over 50.

Best Companies AZ recognizes these companies who acknowledge the value that older professionals add to the workplace and actively hire older workers. Check the list out below!

Best Employers with Jobs for People Over 50

companies that hire older workers

Age discrimination is a rocky subject for many professionals with a successful track record. Many companies are committed to enforcing a higher standard to include professionals of all ages and backgrounds. The following best employers with jobs for people over 50 have enacted prevalent programs to welcome older workers into the fold. Check them out!

Morgan Stanley

Successful careers do not follow a traditional path; for this reason, Morgan Stanley founded its popular Return to Work program. Return to Work is a sought after 12-week program for seasoned professionals looking to reenter the workforce after an extended hiatus. Opportunities are available in several business areas, including corporate services, risk management, and firmwide marketing. In addition, participants have the opportunity to be placed at one of Morgan Stanley’s international offices. Locations include Mumbai, London, Tokyo, and more.

This program is particularly advantageous for individuals over 50 who want a fresh start in their desired industry. Program graduates are often welcomed into the company with full-time positions after the program is completed. In fact, more than 60% of graduating participants are offered a full-time position at completion. With this in mind, professionals over 50 can start anew with confidence and tenacity.

General Motors

Similar to Morgan Stanley’s returnship, General Motor’s career re-entry program, Take 2, is a worthwhile opportunity for professionals over 50 that want to re-enter the workforce and jumpstart their career. Through the 12-week training program, participants polish their skills and learn new skills so that they can enter the workforce with certainty.

“The Take 2 program gave me the opportunity to reengage into the workforce in a way that was not abrupt,” said Rhonda Lloyd, Take 2 program participant.

Interestingly, 86 percent of returnship participants are offered full-time employment at the completion of the program. All in all, career professionals are prepared for the workforce changes to compete against an increasingly millennial-centric workforce.


MINDBODY Inc. diverges from the previous companies that hire older workers. The software-as-a-service company has set high expectations for what workplace diversity and equality looks like. To elaborate, the company joins our list of best employers with jobs for people over 50 because of its overwhelming support for longevity and wellness.

MINDBODY Inc. is a certified Great Place to Work, is recognized on the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index, and—most of all—champions the success of older workers through the AARP Employer Pledge Program. According to the pledge program, company members believe in equal opportunity for all workers, recognize the value of experienced workers, recruit across diverse age groups and consider all applicants on an equal basis, regardless of age. In addition, they believe that 50+ workers should have a level playing field in their ability to compete and obtain jobs.

Those were a few of the best employers that offer jobs for people over 50, but it doesn’t stop there! Whether your goal is to start a new career or extend your career for financial gain, BestCompaniesAZ is equipped with numerous resources to help you navigate the changing job market, and find the right company to fit your needs and lifestyle. Find the best companies for work-life balance, diversity and inclusion, career growth, and more only on BestCompaniesAZ. Check it out!