Career Advancement: The Changing Culture of Call Centers

working in a call center

Are you looking for a way to launch a new career? Career coaches often encounter people who wrinkle their noses as they say, “Entry-level is fine, but I don’t want to be on the phone all day.” Let’s rethink that for a minute. Not many people think of working in a call center as their dream job, but that stigma is outdated. There are some unique opportunities in this field today that you won’t want to miss out on.

The Role of a Call Center Representative

So, what is it really like working in a call center? While being a call center representative may not seem like an exciting endeavor, you’ll have the opportunity to gain and grow useful transferable skills.

Core responsibilities of a call center representative may include:

  • Answering customer calls in a friendly and welcoming manner
  • Providing support and answering customer inquiries
  • Handling dissatisfied customers and addressing their concerns
  • Contacting customers regarding new services or products
  • Troubleshooting problems with customers via telephone
  • Updating customer account information as needed
  • Offering feedback to managers for improving customer satisfaction

The ever-changing world of working in a call center means there are no slow days staring at the phones. You’ll be bustling around the office or answering call after call from a remote environment all day long.

Recommended Call Center Qualifications

While every call center may have varying qualifications they require of their employees, there are a few set standards that you will commonly encounter as you apply. We’ll dive into what those look like so you can make an educated decision on whether this is the right role for you.

Call center job qualifications may include:

  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Exceptional listening skills
  • People skills and patience
  • Major problem-solving skills
  • High-level time management
  • Technical skills such as computer and phone use
  • Troubleshooting skills in the industry
  • Comfort in a fast-paced environment

These skills and more will guide you through your days and help you with every customer interaction. Though you don’t necessarily need to have every qualification to be an excellent call center representative, it can be useful to start your career with a few.

Reasons to Work at a Call Center

Working at a call center can bring an abundance of benefits to your career. Let’s take a look at some of the great reasons you should consider working for a call center.

Enjoy Plenty of Possibilities

Call center jobs are plentiful. New contact centers open in Arizona regularly, and the demand for both entry-level and management employees is on the rise. Call center opportunities often also pay better over time than similar positions in comparable fields like retail.

Grow Your Skills

It’s like a communications boot camp. All day, you’ll be asking questions, listening actively, and defusing conflict — it’s better than any book or course. Every single call is a chance for you to improve and learn the listening skills that are so essential for management. In addition, you’ll be developing your customer service skills, which will serve you well in your next steps — whatever they may be.

Master Problem Solving

Problem solving will be second nature to you. Unexpected problems and disgruntled customers will come your way every single day working in a call center. You’ll be an expert at thinking quickly on your feet, evaluating the options, and finding a solution. Employers in all fields across the board are on the lookout for that skill in future employees as well.

Experience Endless Opportunities

What’s your motivation? If you enjoy making a difference for people, you might consider a company like Farmers Insurance, where employees use their expertise to help others and transform the insurance industry. At CarMax, where integrity, honesty, and transparency are at the heart of the company culture, mentors invest in each employees’ future with development and training opportunities. At Robinhood, where every voice matters and no idea is too small. Or at GoDaddy, where innovation is at the heart of its business model and culture. There are a variety of opportunities that will come your way when you work a call center job.

Become a Multitasking Guru

You’ll get a boat-load of organizational skills as you process sales and refunds, take credit card info, log calls, or walk customers through steps to troubleshoot a product. If you aren’t super-organized at first, you will be. Multitasking? You’ll be a master.

Advance Your Career

Career advancement is a major plus that comes from working in a call center environment. Because call centers aren’t for everyone, that makes more room for you! Those who remain dedicated and committed make progress, often quickly. Just don’t turn your nose up at having to make a lateral move or start at the bottom.

The Infamous Call Center Culture

Much of the negative press about this line of work comes from companies with toxic call center cultures. You know those awful places where micromanagement abounds, politics rule, and your boss can be a bit too blunt. If the company’s culture isn’t great, it doesn’t matter what position you have. You won’t enjoy your job, even if you’re the chief beer taster.

On the other hand, jobs become more fun and fulfilling if the company culture is built on a worthy mission and values. Award-winning top companies like GoDaddy have positive cultures and stronger opportunities both at entry-level and mid-career. Call centers included.

Read on to learn a bit more about some red flags that could indicate a negative call center culture.

Empowered Vs. Micromanaged

Trust is a major factor in achieving a successful, sustainable workplace. When an employer does not trust their employees to complete the work they’ve been trained to do, it creates a feeling of unease among the entire company. Tension runs high, and employee morale begins to drop. When searching for a call center job, don’t be afraid to ask the center managers about their leadership styles during the interview process to ensure the company you may be working for genuinely trusts and empowers their employees.

High Burnout Rate

Have you ever left working feeling absolutely drained and dreading the following day? You may have experienced burnout. This can occur in situations where work stress is high. Lack of proper resources, minimal trust, and overwhelming schedules are all factors that could contribute to employee burnout. Consider the call center environment and whether the company you are applying for values employee satisfaction.

Lack of Training

How can you be expected to become a customer service extraordinaire with no training? Call center representatives come from various professional backgrounds. Not every employee will be an expert in the specific industry they’ll be working in. Training should be a major priority to establish a strong, prepared call center ready to tackle every customer issue.

Find Your Next Call Center Career with BestCompaniesAZ

Whether you grow into becoming a supervisor, trainer, or manager, working at a call center with an award-winning company can be either a great launching pad or a solid career choice. Working at a call center opens your professional world to opportunities like completing a degree courtesy of your company — like ADP, CarMax, Desert Financial, Farmers Insurance, GoDaddy, Liberty Mutual Insurance, or Upgrade — or gaining transferable skills to take with you into a different field.

No matter what decision you make regarding your call center career, BestCompaniesAZ is here to help you find your next role. We have the experience and knowledge to connect you with the perfect call center that matches your skills and interests. Contact us today to find out more about life as a call center representative!

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