Call Center Customer Service Tips to Stand Out

call center customer service tips

Working in customer service offers a rewarding, people-focused career and valuable skills that apply to all areas of life. Working in a call center can also be a great way to launch your career in customer service.

Whether you’re looking to grow in your current call center job or you want to land your first role, these call center customer service tips will help you put your best foot forward and stand out from the crowd.

Call Center Customer Service Tips

Be Willing To Go Above And Beyond

It’s one thing to stand out for being good at your job. It’s another thing entirely to be known for going above and beyond. Be an employee who’s willing to come in early, stay late if need be, and take on additional projects to help the team stand out in a call center environment.

To lean into this, ask your supervisor how you can support them. The next time a teammate reaches out in the company messaging channel, be the first to respond. If you notice a pain point in your role, brainstorm a solution and share it with your supervisor.

If you have yet to land a customer service role in a call center, go above and beyond in your application materials. Be sure to write a cover letter, show up to your interview dressed to impress, and send personalized, handwritten thank you notes to each individual that interviewed you. These actions will leave a lasting impression and help you stand out among other job candidates or colleagues.

Learn How To Say Hello And Goodbye In A Few Different Languages

Working in customer service allows you to communicate with people from around the world. On any given day, you may speak with people from multiple countries. Learning how to say hello and goodbye is one of the most valuable call center customer service tips. You never know when you may interact with someone who speaks another language. Showing that you’re trying to connect with them and meet them where they’re at goes a long way in leaving a lasting impression on the customer and your supervisor.

Remain Calm Under Pressure

Dealing with customers who aren’t always in a great mood can be stressful. Customers may push to speak to a manager, be unkind, or threaten to cancel their service with your company. It’s normal for these situations to cause stress. But, nobody has to know when you’re sweating. Remaining calm under pressure is a great way to stand out in a call center role.

When supervisors know you can manage pressure and de-escalate situations with upset customers, they’ll begin to trust you as an employee. Earning your employer’s trust is a great way to be considered for a promotion later down the road.

Lower Your Average Handling Rate (AHR)

Call center employees are often evaluated on several metrics. Average handling rate, or AHR, refers to the average amount of time customers spend on the phone with you. Call center leaders are always looking for ways to lower this metric and help their team be more efficient.

To stand out in a call center, focus on getting your average handling rate as low as possible while continuing to provide high-quality customer service. Supervisors are constantly looking at these metrics, so you’ll stand out for all of the right reasons.

Refuse to Complain About Customers

It can be tempting to gossip or complain about customers, particularly when you’ve had a challenging or frustrating experience with someone. But, don’t do it. Choosing not to complain about customers you’ve spoken to will earn you a reputation as someone who maintains a positive attitude. Positivity is invaluable to call center leaders and positions you as a leader capable of keeping your team’s morale high.

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