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Best Types of Jobs for Veterans in Phoenix

If you’ve combed through veteran job resources and job boards, you may still be asking yourself what kind of job is right for you. You’ve got great experience and skills, but how do you know what career step to take next?

Well, here are some of the best types of jobs for veterans in Phoenix.

Common Types of Jobs for Veterans

A hurdle for most employers is understanding how veterans’ unique skills translate into skills for the traditional workplace. LinkedIn reveals that veterans most commonly excel in these soft skills:

Top veteran soft skills

  • Detail orientedness
  • Integrity
  • Team leadership
  • Problem solving and critical thinking
  • Dependable team player

Because hiring managers greatly value soft skills, sometimes even more than technical skills, it’s then up to the applicant to identify these strengths and find a job that best fits them.

Feel like you own some of the soft skills above? Here are a few great occupations in which veterans with those skills will be successful:

Jobs that use veterans’ best skills

  • Customer service representative (detail oriented)
  • Administrative assistant (detail oriented)
  • Sales manager (integrity)
  • Operations/logistics manager (team leadership)
  • Process engineer (problem solving and critical thinking)
  • IT business analyst (problem solving and critical thinking)
  • Certified medical assistant (dependable team player)

Once you’ve identified an industry or type of job that suits you, the next important (and commonly forgotten) step is to find an employer that proactively hires veterans. Veteran committed employers value and appreciate the unique skillsets that veterans own. They also prioritize hiring veterans and know exactly how to translate your military background and skills for civilian occupations.

Employers with the Best Jobs for Veterans in Phoenix

1. City of Phoenix

city of phoenix

City of Phoenix Careers

Interested in working for the City of Phoenix or other related organizations? Phoenix provides tons of veteran job resources and step-by-step information on how to apply for a job with the City of Phoenix. You can also learn how to access weekly job postings.

Read more about the City of Phoenix’s veteran hiring.


usaa phoenix campus

USAA Phoenix Campus

Serving military families through quality financial services, USAA is committed to service members in more ways than just through its products. For example, USAA possesses a unique relationship with the military community, its distinct needs, and livelihood. The company has a commitment to making sure its workforce consists of 30% military community members. That means both military and spouses get priority in the hiring process. In other words, USAA provides some of the best jobs for veterans in Phoenix.

Read more about USAA’s veteran hiring.

Check out one veteran’s story from USAA who made the transition from military to civilian work.

3.  Freedom Financial

freedom lobby

Financial Services | Tempe | 2,000 Employees

With over 2,000 employees in Freedom Financial’s new Tempe, AZ headquarters, the company has tons of diversity and communities to go around. Freedom has military members and veterans throughout the company’s levels of management. Moreover, its “Freedom Heroes” veteran program specifically works to create a welcoming environment for service members. Freedom Financial values and appreciates those in the military community and works to make sure they have access to a rewarding career.

Read more about Freedom Financial’s veteran hiring.

4. GoDaddy

Godaddy cafeteria

Godaddy cafeteria

In 2016, GoDaddy pledged to hire hundreds of veterans over the next five years. Not only does this make them one of the best places for jobs for veterans for Phoenix, but it also means they are committed to the long-term success of veterans at their company. In addition, GoDaddy has a veterans-specific employee resource group for employees to join. This resource group helps veterans succeed through career development opportunities and skill development.

Read more about GoDaddy’s veteran hiring.

5. Charles Schwab

schwab phoenix

Technology | Phoenix | 3,400+ Employees

A belief that veterans hold some of the country’s best talent drives Charles Schwab to be a leader in veteran hiring. They have a dedicated commitment to serving those who serve through a number of organizations, such as Hero 2 Hired and Veterans Business Network. As a part of the Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP), Schwab also actively hires and retains military spouses.

Read more about Charles Schwab’s veteran hiring.

Check out one veteran’s story at Charles Schwab.

Explore Jobs for Veterans in Phoenix

The jobs and skills above may be common for most veterans, but they’re certainly not the only ones! If you’re interested in other jobs or think your strengths lie elsewhere, then make sure to explore all the options out there.

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