Raytheon- Tucson

Raytheon Company Profile

1151 E Hermans Rd,
Tucson AZ 85756

10,000+ Employees
Aerospace & Defense

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Raytheon is a leading innovator in the field of aerospace and defense. Raytheon creates state-of-the-art electronics, implement mission systems integration, and provide C5I services. At Raytheon, leadership, business, and global awareness collide to create a culture of innovation and advancement. As technology develops, the need for a greater workforce grows. Therefore, they are looking for world-class talent to apply for a position at their growing Tucson location. Learn more about starting your career in the aerospace and defense field here.

Featured jobs at the Raytheon Tucson location:

Raytheon is an equal opportunity employer. Additionally, recent college graduates are encouraged to apply.

Code of Conduct

The Raytheon culture is founded on 5 core values. These core values are the driving force behind the actions and attitudes of employees and CEOs alike.

  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Accountability

Mission: Our mission is customer success. The foundation of all we do is our vision and our values. We are one global team, creating trusted, innovative solutions that make the world a safer place, and we are aligned around shared values of trust, respect, collaboration, innovation and accountability.

Culture and Vision

At Raytheon, innovation occurs across all domains. From land and sea to air and space, employees are dedicated to carrying out the company’s vision. Corporate culture is founded on the belief that innovative solutions can make the world a better place. In addition, a culture of excellence is highly encouraged. Raytheon is driven by the goals of making the world a safer place and driving technology forward. For this reason, employees are empowered by the work they do.