Arizona's Best Insurance Employers

The pay is good, the perks are awesome, but it’s more than that. Respect, opportunity, balance, fun, and pride – you don’t want to settle for less. Why should you? Your dream job is looking for you.

The ever-growing insurance industry is constantly expanding and looking for new talent to join each team. However, with so many companies emerging in this industry, knowing where to start your job search can be challenging. That’s why we’ve created this list of the best insurance companies to work for. Narrow down your choices and find the perfect job for you at one of the best insurance companies to work for.

Why Join the Insurance Industry?

The sunny state of Arizona is continuously recognized for its exponential job growth. With such an ever-growing workforce, it’s no surprise that the insurance industry has taken to calling Arizona home. Before researching the best insurance companies to work for, let’s discuss why insurance is an ideal industry to join.  

Excellent Job Potential

You may be wondering, “What exactly can I do at these companies?” The insurance industry actually provides great potential for job growth. Many of the best insurance companies to work for offer the following opportunities and more to help you thrive in the industry. Check out our list of the highest-paying insurance jobs available below. 

  • Actuary (~$161,000/year)
  • Risk Management Director (~$136,000/year)
  • Insurance Claims Adjuster (~$114,000/year)
  • Insurance Underwriter (~$108,000/year)
  • Financial Analyst (~$103,000/year)
  • Insurance Sales Agent (~$95,000/year)

Innovative Environment

Working closely with Arizona’s growing tech industry, insurance companies are always looking for the latest and greatest innovations to create unique insurance plans for every customer. New and improved technological platforms, such as easy-to-use mobile apps, are growing more popular in the insurance industry. 

With so many insurance companies out there, innovation is what allows a company to stand apart from the rest. You’ll have the opportunity to work in a creative and driven environment at some of the best insurance companies to work for, sharing ideas on how to make your insurance plans work seamlessly for each customer. 

Plenty of Benefits

Many insurance companies offer a variety of benefits that make their employees’ lives just a little easier. These benefits include higher pay, flexible working hours, exceptional health and dental plans, educational assistance, and more. Becoming a part of the insurance industry offers the support and assistance you and your family will need to achieve a healthy work-life balance. When you’re ready to make your way into the insurance industry, you may want to consider some of the highest-paying insurance companies to work for. 

Be sure to check out some of the best insurance companies to work for that offer these benefits and more on our Best Employers in Arizona page. 

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