List of Best Employer Awards to Boost Employer Brand

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You’ve created a well-established, reputable company, but how do you show that off to potential employees and customers? There are plenty of employer awards out there that can improve the recognition and brand of your company. Many of these awards depend on the input of your employees and current customers who know your company best. Let’s take a look at just a few of these distinguished employer awards that you may want to nominate your company for.

11 Best Employer Awards to Boost Employer Brand

Each employer award is based on a different set of criteria. While it can be challenging to keep track of the scope of characteristics your company should have to fit each award, it can also verify that you have a well-rounded, established company with an employee and customer-oriented atmosphere.

Top Companies to Work for in AZ

Published by Best Companies Group, the Top Companies to Work for in AZ award is given to companies and organizations that are rated highly by their employees. This employer award analyzes two surveys to decide the winners—an employee benefits questionnaire and an employee satisfaction survey. Companies with 25 or more employees are eligible to register for this award. Winners, such as Farmers Insurance, Spear Education, and Habitat for Humanity, are published at

Best Places to Work in the Valley

Companies like Freedom Financial that showcase incredible retention, engagement, and morale can be nominated for the Best Places to Work in the Valley award given by the Phoenix Business Journal. Similar to the Top Companies to Work for in AZ award, this employer award is based on an employee survey sent out to all full-time and part-time employees. Simply nominate your company, upload all the employee emails, and let the Phoenix Business Journal do the rest. All winners are featured in the Phoenix Business Journal each year.

Arizona Most Admired Companies

The Arizona’s Most Admired Companies award program published by AZ Big Media takes into account the opinions of employees and customers alike. The employer award looks at aspects such as leadership excellence, corporate and social responsibility, and innovation. This award is regarded as one of the most respectable and esteemed employer awards in Arizona, so you won’t want to miss the opportunity to nominate your company for this award. Recent winners include Axon, Farmers Insurance, GoDaddy, Habitat for Humanity, and Spear Education.

Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For®

Fortune and Great Place to Work have teamed up to create the 100 Best Companies to Work For® employer award. This award analyzes a variety of different characteristics regarding employee experience, such as gender and race/ethnicity, to determine the winners of this award. Primarily, the award looks at how employee experiences play into leadership and innovation. For prime examples of companies that lead the way, take a look at CarMax, Farmers Insurance, and Workiva.

Great Place to Work Certification

Each year, Great Place to Work publishes a cohesive list of certified companies that meet employee experience and culture criteria. Companies like GoDaddy, Farmers insurance, ADP, CarMax, KUBRA, Workiva, and Liberty Mutual proudly boast this certification. Becoming Great Place to Work certified opens up the opportunity for your company to gain some of the top talents in the industry and attract a large customer base. Once you receive your recognition, we suggest optimal promotion so potential employee and customer prospects know they can trust your business.

Glassdoor Best Places to Work

Unlike many other awards, Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work award is not given based on nominations. The best way to go about being listed as a Best Places to Work is by collecting positive employee reviews on your company page. Robinhood is a perfect example of a Glassdoor Best Place to Work with its glowing reviews. However, be aware that purposely creating reviews will disqualify you from being given this honor. Glassdoor has provided a handy checklist so you can figure out the best ways to get your company on the radar for this employer award.

Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation looks closely at company policies and practices specifically regarding LGBTQ employees. Companies that receive the Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality recognition have created inclusive environments and implemented policies that establish equity for all LGBTQ employees. To learn a bit more about what this looks like, GoDaddy, Farmers Insurance, ADP, CarMax, Northern Trust, and Liberty Mutual have all set wonderful examples. For this employer award, companies must participate in the Corporate Equality Index (CEI) to certify their policies and protections meet the standards of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation.

Top 50 Companies For Diversity

Like many awards before it, the Top 50 Companies for Diversity created by Diversity Inc. is based on corporate surveys. Companies with 750 employees or more, like previous winner ADP, are eligible for this employer award. The best part of this award is the report card that all nominees receive to track their progress when it comes to diversity. The report card includes categories like leadership accountability and workplace practices in regard to diversity. Winning this award establishes your company as a genuinely diverse and inclusive organization.

Military Friendly Companies

Companies that have implemented military-friendly programs are eligible for the Military Friendly Companies award. There are four main criteria for the employer award, and Military Friendly looks for companies that meet or exceed expectations for at least three. Companies that focus on recruiting and hiring veterans or military spouses, partnering with veteran-owned businesses, and commit to military consumer protections and brands are rewarded this honor. ADP and CarMax have set the bar high for this award.

Forbes Best lists

One of the best parts about Forbes is the wide variety of award categories they offer. Even if your company does not qualify for one category, there is almost certainly another Forbes Best list category that’s right for you. 30 Under 30 is a prime choice for young entrepreneurs making their way in the industry. The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women is an empowering honor for women making history every day. From the world’s best athletes to companies skilled in diversity and equality, you’ll likely find an award that works for you on the Forbes Best list. Let’s take a look at a few examples of previous winners.

America’s Best Employers for Diversity

Much like Diversity Inc.’s award, Forbes offers a category for employers who go above and beyond to ensure equality and diversity in their workplace. When it comes to this category, ADP and Liberty Mutual are fantastic role models.

America’s Best Large Employers

Companies that qualify for this award typically have at least 1,000 employees. These companies are ranked based on how likely their employees would recommend them to family and friends. GoDaddy, Farmers Insurance, ADP, and Liberty Mutual are great examples of companies that have snagged a spot on the winner’s list.

America’s Best Employers for Women

In a world that’s turning its focus more on gender equality, quite a few companies stand out amongst the crowd. These places, such as GoDaddy, Farmers Insurance, ADP, CarMax, and Liberty Mutual, have worked tirelessly to promote equality and implement policies that benefit their female employees.

America’s Best Employers for New Graduates

This award focuses on the experience of new professionals entering the workforce. Companies that do an excellent job creating a welcoming environment with plenty of training, like winners Farmers Insurance and Liberty Mutual, are eligible for this award.

100 Best Arizona Companies

The 100 Best Arizona Companies has been honoring the best companies in the Grand Canyon State for 15 years. The employer award separates the winners into six categories: Trailblazers, Wings, Cool, Heart, Star, and Future. Each category shines a light on unique elements about each company that make them stand out among their competitors. This award is given by invitation only, so be sure to check out the characteristics they look for to see if your company would qualify.

Let BestCompaniesAZ Help You Recognize Your Company

Employer awards are an excellent way to showcase your company. Improve your company brand and recognition by adding these honors and more to your roster. Let customers and potential employees know that your company or organization is a place they’ll want to be associated with by emphasizing your awards and honors anywhere and everywhere.

Not sure where to start in the nomination process or feeling unsure if your business even qualifies for any of these awards? Contact BestCompaniesAZ today, and we’ll help you decide which awards are best for you.

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