9 Best Email Endings After Interview for Candidates & Interviewers

9 Best Email Endings After Interview for Candidates & Interviewers

What “email ending” (Best / Regards / Sincerely) do you typically use to conclude an email after an interview, and why?

To help job applicants with concluding their emails, we asked business leaders and marketing experts this question for their best recommendations. From making the ending personable to showing some of your enthusiasm, there are several ideas that may help you conclude an email for your upcoming interview. 


Here are nine ways to conclude an email after an interview: 

  • Maintain Versatility with “Best Regards”
  • Make the Ending Approachable
  • Send All Your “Best”
  • Use a Classic Signature
  • End With Some Gratitude
  • Keep it Semi-Formal with “Regards”
  • Pass Along a Sincere Note
  • Signing “Respectfully” Makes No Mistake
  • Show Some of Your Enthusiasm



Maintain Versatile with “Best Regards”

Best Regards–I like this as a closing sentiment because of its versatility. It’s appropriate in both personal and professional settings and conveys a friendly, respectful message. 

Heather Marcom, Freedom Financial Network


Make the Ending Approachable

One unique element to my email signature is that instead of using my full name I typically end with just the first letter. To me, this is much more personal than a formal multi-line business signature and thus more approachable. 

Elizabeth Hart, Axon


Send All Your “Best”

I use “Best,” to conclude my emails. First off, “Best, Brett” is a smooth sign off. Second, I once interviewed Billy Beane, the General Manager of the Oakland A’s and he used the sign off “Best, Billy” when he signed my Moneyball book. Since then, I’ve used Best as a nod to someone who really inspires me.

Brett Farmiloe, Markitors


Use a Classic Signature 

Ending an email with “Sincerely” is a classic conclusion. It is clean, clear, and friendly. I personally believe it is one of the more professional endings that are still warm and kind without being too much. As someone who hires candidates, I look for someone who always follows up after an interview and is respectful. It does not look great when a candidate is too casual or comes off as if we are friends after one interview. Be professional. 

Bari Medgaus, Stabili-Teeth


End With Some Gratitude 

After an interview, ending the email with “Thank you for your time” shows sincerity and acknowledges that you are thankful they took time out of their day to speak with you. Time is a valuable currency, one that we can never get back once it is lost or given. Showing potential employers that you are aware of this and respect it will go a long way in the interview process. Be respectful and genuine in your responses.

Derin Oyekan, Reel Paper


Keep it Semi-Formal with “Regards” 

I recommend using “Regards” as the conclusion to an email sent after an interview. I use and recommend this option because it demonstrates my respect for the recipient of the email. “Regards” is also less formal than “Sincerely”, making the former a warmer sign off, as well as an invitation to form a relationship with the recipient. Moreover, there is nothing unremarkable or untoward about “Regards”. Hence, it is not open to any misinterpretation.

Gregory Rozdeba, Dundas Life


Pass Along a Sincere Note 

End your emails with a note. Sending an interview email with “Have a great day!” goes a long long way in showing your warm personality. I think that it is a nice way to end an email when interviewing with a company. People will know that you are a kind, warm candidate.

Eric Gist, Awesome OS


Signing “Respectfully” Makes No Mistake 

Ending an email with “Respectfully” is a safe way to end most emails. People feel heard and understood with this response. “Respectfully” is quick and to the point without being too forward or too rude. Interviewers can know that you are responsible and respectful.

Olivia Young, Conscious Items


Show Some of Your Enthusiasm 

“Looking forward…” provides a subtle call to action while also showing your excitement for the opportunity. After an interview, you want to ensure that you’re sending across the message that you want to be in touch with the interviewer. By adding this line, you’ll show optimism and excitement 

Tom Mumford, Undergrads


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